Cyber Boy Corp. (@cyberboycorp)

Cyber Boy Corp. (@cyberboycorp)

Chuck Palahniuk, a renowned American journalist and author of the award-winning novel Fight Club,  once said, “We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.” We have all listened to countless stories of individuals who proudly proclaim themselves to be completely self-made. Individuals who begin from the bottom go on to reach the summit purely through their diligence, self-belief, and hard work. Those who surmount all the odds, the doubts, and the obstacles to reach the point where they are now. They’re the ones who we hear about and who we strive to become. Though, at the same time, there are many whose tales aren’t told as much. Individuals that too are self-made and have accomplishments that are just as great or even greater than the personalities we know. One such individual is Sr. Roy Andrade,  a leading entrepreneur and IT professional and founder of Cyber Boy Corp.

Cyber Boy Corp is a software company that initially began as an enterprise specializing in offering cybersecurity services. Roy Andrade established this company intending to protect essential data from hackers who are after it. Soon after this company came into being, the hype spread like wildfire. Everyone was curious about their capabilities and services that they were providing. Soon people discerned how Cyber Boy Corp kept all their promises by giving top-notch services. It was then the notoriety of this company started growing internationally. Thus, Roy Andrade decided to branch their company out. Now, its headquarters are in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles County, California, with several other operations worldwide.

Nevertheless, his rise was not sunshine and rainbows, and he was undoubtedly well aware of this fact when he commenced. “Success does not come overnight” is a saying that Roy lives his life by, and it utterly describes his whole journey. Trying to make it big in a city like Los Angeles and a field like IT, all the odds were stacked up against him, yet he never gave up on his dreams and worked twice as hard. Through sheer determination and hard work, many doors of opportunities and recognition knocked at his doorstep. One of them being Roy, because of the success Cyber Boy Corp made, being chosen by  Dr. Rich Schultz of the University of Phoenix in The National Society of Leadership and Success. Not only this, but Cyber Boy Corp has been featured in many renowned publications such as  Santa Clarita Valley Signal, LA Weekly, The London Post, Hurricane Valley Times, South Florida Reporter, etc.

Soon After, the pandemic hit us all when we least expected, and everything came to a halt. But where there is Roy, there is a way. He observed how many children are stuck at home with nothing to do rather than play video games. This gave him an immense inspiration to dip his company’s feet into the realm of video gaming as he believed something is lacking in existing video games, and his company can bring something new to the table. He hired the best of the best developers for his game. Since then, his company has been fighting tooth and nail to make an impeccable game in every aspect, whether it is the storyline, graphics, or the characters. After putting their whole blood, sweat, and tear into making these words come to reality, Cyber Boy Corp will distribute their first-ever game on Android and iOS devices in May 2021.

Cyber Boy Corp was merely a mirage of Sr. Roy Andrade, but through his hard work, perseverance, and self-belief, he made his dream turn into a reality. Life threw so many impediments in his way, but he could see the light at the end of the tunnel by remaining focused. To give back to the community who gave him so much, he provides a window to his work and personal life on his Instagram @cyberboycorp, hoping to inspire someone who can become the next Sr. Roy Andrade.