Custom Neon (@customneon)

Custom Neon (@customneon)

Custom neon is one of the leading brands when it comes to  lighting and decor. The Australia based brand has been operational for about three years, with thousands of regular customers  worldwide they have established themselves as a go to for individuals and businesses alike.  You must be asking yourself why do people love this brand so much? How is it different from other businesses that sell the same products? well the folks over at Custom Neon are known for their quality products and amazing customer care services. The reviews speak for themselves, their website is flooded with hundreds of positive reviews. Not to mention the option to get a completely customized neon sign made for  yourself. Over at Custom Neon they believe that the customer should be able to dictate what goes up on their wall. Sure they could make a few generic designs and do fine business wise but to the folks over at Custom Neon, the voice of the customer matters. They give the customer complete control over their neon sign, from size to text to font and color everything is completely customizable.  They can even duplicate handwriting along with images and logos. This sort of freedom gives their customers a unique shopping experience that most places are not able to offer.

At Custom Neon they offer you only the best collection of styles and colors for your sign that are guaranteed to leave you starstruck. They are truly doing it like no other when it comes to quality and durability. Since they make LED neon lights instead of using neon gas the signs are more portable and have more flexibility when it comes to the customization department. The usage of LED technology makes the signs more affordable and less prone to damage. Since the signs are made from LEDs they can also change colors which means that as soon as you get tired of one color you can instantly change to the next one. The signs are incredibly energy efficient with a 50,000+ hour lifespan and produce little to none heat and noise. And it gets even better if you get a FREE remote control with all orders.

Custom Neon works with a number of globally recognized brands such as coca-cola, Rolling Stone, Facebook, and the body shop. Being able to create relationships with such giants in just a few years is no small feat for any company. But with hard work and dedication, anything is possible. The team at Custom Neon works tirelessly to expand and grow their business while maintaining the quality and customer service that they’re known for. They have successfully created a business with a global reach. They are delivering worldwide and have managed to do so flawlessly. Having managed to do all this with such a young business speaks volumes about the commitment of the team at Custom Neon.

The folks over at Custom Neon are incredibly humble and grateful to their community which is why when the opportunity came, they decided to give back to those who gave them their platform. In January of 2020 Australia was struck with tragedy when a nationwide bushfire was wreaking havoc on the country. The team at Custom Neon decided to team up with the Red Cross charity foundation in order to provide some relief to those in need. 100% of the proceeds raised from their neon heart were donated to the Red Cross for the entire month of January. They managed to raise a whopping 5,557 dollars in donations. This proves that even though they are a business with global outreach the people at Custom Neon still remain grounded.

These signs are perfect to add a little bit of sparkle to any place. If you’re looking to brighten up your life visit their website . In order to keep up with all the cool and new designs follow their Instagram @customneon.