Csenge Forstner (@csengeforstner)

When creativity and talent combine, a celebrity like Csenge Forstner is born. Based in LA, US, Forstner is a Hungarian TikTok and Instagram celebrity with a huge following on both social media platforms. Her Instagram account (@csengeforstner) has almost 300k followers while her TikTok account (@csengeforstner) has more than 650k followers. The reason behind her being loved by numerous people in the USA and Hungary is her skill to make entertaining and delightful videos.

An only child of her parents, she grew up in Budapest, Hungary; and later moved to the U.S. to study in California. Born on 13th June 2003, though she is currently only 17 years old, she has gained enormous popularity and success by making videos that have unique content and use creative editing techniques. She began to gain a noticeable presence on the video-making app TikTok in the summer of 2017 as a video got more than a million views and therefore was also posted on TikTok’s official Instagram account in May. As she began to gain popularity amongst her audience, she created her YouTube channel as well in September of the same year where she has 160k subscribers.

Making and editing videos to make them more appealing is just one of the many skills that Forstner possesses. Another talent of hers is to sing which she is immensely proud of as she has also mentioned it in her TikTok bio that she sings. She occasionally posts videos of her singing her favorite songs on her Instagram account and gets a lot of praise for her beautiful and melodious voice. Her love for singing is apparent in her videos in which not only her voice but her expressions are also conveying the emotions of the song that she is singing. She is well-known for lip-syncing to songs like “How to Be a Heartbreaker” by Marina Diamandis.

Considered as one of the biggest social media influencers in the US, she has collaborated with many brands in their commercial advertisements. As she was born in Hungary, she makes many of her TikTok videos in Hungarian. She is often accompanied by her boyfriend Jordan Rys in those videos who is an artist and producer and has a verified Instagram account with thousands of followers. Sometimes, her friends, parents, and even grandparents are featured in her TikTok videos as well. The fact that most of her videos easily get over 200k views proves how much her followers love her videos and that she has mastered the art of creating content that the viewers would be interested in and like. Some of those videos are also posted on her Instagram account for her followers on that platform to see. One of the most noticeable features of her TikTok videos is using audio effects to make the content funnier and intensify the humor.

Forstner is a girl who loves trying new things. She has tried numerous sports activities such as roller-skating, boat-riding, biking, and even tried skiing for the first time in her life in December 2020 at Snow Valley Mountain, CA. It is evident from her Instagram stories that she loves exercising and goes to the gym regularly to make sure that she remains active. To keep herself fit by having a healthy lifestyle, she knows cooking as well. Always looking for new things and experiences, her hobbies also include reading, photography, learning, and internet surfing as they help in increasing her knowledge and broaden her view of the world. Another of her interests is traveling as she has been to Italy and her experience of visiting there is very close to her heart. Being a kind-hearted person, Forstner also loves animals – especially dogs and has an immensely cute dog herself named Teddy Pom. The pet dog has his own Instagram account (@teddy_pomy) that has more than 16k followers and is managed by her mother.

Forstner hopes that her followers will continue to support her so that she can keep on making funny and enjoyable videos and keep coming up with unique ideas that her followers will like.