The digital world, and some aspects of the real world as well, like currency and finance, have been taken by storm by something called cryptocurrency. Piquing the interests of investors, people who are intelligent with their time and spending, or rather those who like taking risks to secure handsome sums by simply monitoring and knowing when the right time is to intercept and attack, have enormously benefited from crypto in the last few years. Some who were aware and lucky enough to dabble in it even previously, like 2014, were able to secure it and have an investment in things like Bitcoin when it was still affordable, contrary to how expensive it is now.

With the right kind of understanding of cryptocurrency and smart investing, a lot of individuals who see the thrill and possess the kind of quick and risky thinking required to succeed in the world of digital currencies and finance have seen brilliant results, and CryptoDale is one of them. Having a finance background before dipping his toes into the realm, crypto was something that CryptoDale found himself hearing about a fair bit. 2017 was when he decided to really look into it, how it functioned and what really made it grow into the gigantic force it had become. For him, knowing the risks and the benefits was paramount, and after he was clear on that and knew what the world of crypto entailed, he took his first steps into the new space.

With his research came hours of observation, to study the pattern and know when the right time was to take the plunge. While CryptoDale himself admitted he didn’t exactly know what the time right would be, he made his first purchase on Coinbase because that was all he knew at the time, and bought Ethereum when it fell into his range. Outside of bitcoin, that was the other popular alternative, and it was that that started his journey, slowly watching his investment double, as did his understanding of the crypto space.

Interest is always piqued and motivation to start something and learn always stems from a more personal part of a person’s being. A thirst to learn, to help oneself come out from a slump, to help someone, or even to just gather more experience and exposure, all push individuals out of their comfort zones. CryptoDale’s reason for getting into this space was far more personal, more human. Hailing from Iowa, CryptoDale actually needed to find ways to pay off his debt and help his family have a better setup, another reason stemming from wanting to help people and make their lives better. He set out to do exactly that, and in the space, he now finds himself comfortable in, he has managed to make most of what he wanted to achieve become a reality.

By 2018, CryptoDale was already co-host of the Crypto Street Podcast, as well as a contributor for content for Whale Reports. The podcast has proven to do very well with its audience, as some are even surprised they manage to get guests as famous and known as they are. Prince, Killer Whale, Randall, Luke, EmptyBeerBottle, Bully, Donny are some of the names CryptoDale cites as the crypto personalities he looks up to, even saying that he has learned so much from them.

Outside the crypto space, CryptoDale predominantly uses Twitter (@CryptoDale) where he has amassed a massive following of over 42,000 followers, and a smaller Instagram where he posts memes, pictures of his dog Chester, and his daily life. He also launched Bitdawgs, an NFT collection where all resale fees are donated to a homeless charity in New York City. Make sure to follow him on both his social media handles and his podcast if you’re someone who is interested in the world of crypto.