Colin Behan (@behan__)

Effective and tactical marketing strategies are crucial to any firm, business, or company in this day and age. Not only do they help to discover and identify an organization’s needs and growth potential but they also help to cater products and advertising to the customers’ desires and needs. A good marketing strategist helps to generate maximum profit through proper research, consideration of the target customer’s needs and thought-process, scopes out competitors, and streamlines the marketing plan not only according to the trends but also brings something new and unique to the table.

Hailing from New York, Colin Behan is a senior manager of CXM consulting at Oracle, an advertising and customer experience expert firm that aims to provide the best experience with maintaining customer relationships, going beyond the traditional CRM. They aim to empower and nurture their clientele’s businesses. They do so by connecting their office systems and customer engagements by unifying them under Oracle’s cloud platform. In this way, they tailor each customer experience according to their needs and online behaviors.

Before landing this amazing position, Colin Behan has excelled at his previous positions as a brand strategist and marketing manager and big-name companies like Philips Lighting and Samsung Electronics. He has worked day and night, shedding blood, sweat, and tears to build himself up. Landing such amazing positions at a young age requires a strong portfolio and the ability to impress. Colin Behan possesses it all.

He gained experience during his two years at Philip’s and polished his skills at making brand strategies. He worked on originating and directing effective marketing strategies and did so in a skillful way. He contributed to the growth of their key accounts including E-Commerce, mass retail, and consumer management. He also served as their Digital Marketer and analyst. Speaking of digital marketing, he has also dabbled in online marketing, advertising, and executing marketing activities for sporting events during his tenure at Samsung Electronics. An interesting and mindblowing fact to note here is that Samsung Electronics (IoT) showed a 24% lift during its tenure. This shows how fool-proof and practical his work is. He is lauded for his work by industry professionals, and it is no surprise considering his long list of achievements.

He has an MBA from the prestigious University of Illinois, which is passed with flying colors. Not only this, but he has several certifications from Ivy League institutions including Yale and Princeton under his belt. If that doesn’t impress you, nothing will. Each one of the firms that have sought after and ultimately hired Colin saw something incredible in him and he has acquired nothing but praise and excellent reviews for his work.

If you ask the people he has worked with about their opinion on him, they all have infinite praises for the man and his work. He has been applauded for being a skillful marketing strategist with a deep understanding of the planning and execution of campaigns as well as coming up with extraordinary ideas. He has been commended as a brilliant and reliable team player as well as someone who values and maintains relationships with vendors and clients.

But don’t mistake Colin for “all work and no play”. On the other hand, he leads a rich, interesting, and enjoyable life in his free time. One of his hobbies is shoe collection and reselling. He maintains and updates on this hobby-turned-side-hustle on his Instagram where he shows off his collection of old and new shoes including rare pieces. He also dabbles in DJing and uploads his mixes on his SoundCloud Rebel NYC. Along with this, he also updates his 15k Instagram followers on his personal life and hobbies that include golfing and music, on his personal account ( He is a man with many dreams, and it seems like he is set on achieving all his goals one by one.