Coleman Ferguson (@colemanferg)

Coleman Ferguson (@colemanferg)

“‎Though nobody can go back and make a new beginning. Anyone can start over and make a new ending.”

When life gives you hurdles, make a theme park out of it. Most people think that money is all that is required to be counted as successful, and well they are right but not entirely. A peaceful mind, a good and supportive family, and an understanding life partner are what truly make you successful. And yes money too. Being an entrepreneur and owning a successful business is a dream of many but only a few actually work to fulfill that dream. Coleman Ferguson is amongst those few who work hard to achieve what they wish for.

Coleman Ferguson is a businessman who hosts and organizes events for his clients. Coleman Ferguson belongs from Virginia Beach, Virginia. He married his love and support Amberly Ferguson who helps him with his business. Coleman Ferguson studied International Law from Harvard University but later pursued his career as a businessman. He is the owner of The Gala 417 and owner-operator at Mix It Up.

Coleman Ferguson’s business The Gala 417 is a luxurious wedding venue, which is located on Long Bay Point Marina in Virginia Beach. The Gala 417 is a place where you can make the most important day of your life extremely magical.

From weddings to family get-togethers or formal dinners, you can choose The Gala 417 to make your day a memorable one. The venue has the capacity to hold more than two hundred people. You can book your events at The Gala 417 website.

The Gala 417 provides you with an opportunity to visit their place and get a better understanding of how you want your event to be. They have answered all the necessary questions that their clients usually have for them, on their website. Coleman Ferguson alongside his wife has hosted a lot of weddings and events which can be seen on their business website of The Gala 417.

From the venue to decor to catering Coleman Ferguson makes sure that everything is perfect and according to his client’s needs. Apart from owning a beautiful venue, Coleman Ferguson is operating another business, which he owns, Mix It Up.

Mix It Up is a bar in Virginia Beach where people gather to have fun. It has got 50 taps of beer which are set in a buffet-like style to help people pour their beer and enjoy a great evening. If you want to watch sports, drink beer, hang out with your buddies, or simply have the time of your life you can visit Mix It Up.

Coleman Ferguson sells bottles of craft beer in his bar Mix It Up. His bar provides customers with various types of cocktails, margaritas, soft drinks, or mixed drinks which are their specialty, corresponding to the name of his bar ‘Mix It Up’. Their most popular Mixed Drink bundle is ‘Orange Crush to Go’ which includes orange juice mixed with Sprite and Vodka.

Coleman Ferguson, apart from hosting weddings at his business venue, hosts various comedy shows, concerts, or parties. People from the neighborhoods can get their tickets to visit these entertaining events. The most recent event that Coleman Ferguson is hosting is a Comedy Night with Jamie Kennedy who is a Hollywood actor and comedian.

Apart from being a successful businessman Coleman Ferguson is a loving and caring father and husband. His wife, Amberly, and his son, Brantley, are his peace and support. All the events that he hosts for the public at his venue The Gala 417, he makes sure that his wife and his son are in the front row.

Coleman Ferguson being an inspirational person is a role model for everyone around him. From being an amazing husband and a perfect father to becoming a successful businessman Coleman Ferguson has achieved everything that he ever dreamed of in his life.