Cnb Reptile (@cnb.reptile)

Cnb Reptile (@cnb.reptile)

Cnb Reptile is a company that specializes in collecting and selling reptiles. It was founded a few years ago and is based in Phoenix, Arizona in the United States of America. The company is run mainly by a father and son duo but has many other male and female employees as well. The owners are great animal lovers but are particularly passionate about reptiles of all kinds and sizes. The reptiles vary by breed and type but are all lovingly taken care of by the owners.
Cnb Reptile has a huge following on Instagram, and often post about a wide variety of reptiles. They have snakes, tortoises, iguanas, Komodo dragons, frogs, chameleons, tarantulas, geckos, scorpions, and other varieties of reptiles on sale. The variety of snakes includes Chinese water dragons, Halhamera/Sorong blue-tongued skink, Spiny neck monitor, Peach throat monitor, Basilisk, Sorong green tree python, Ribbon snakes, Mexican burrowing python, Japanese rat Snake, Indonesian tree boa, Emerald swift, Egyptian rat snake, African black house snake, Solomon island ground boa, White-lipped python, and many others. The geckos they have are Halhamera gecko and Giant leaf tail gecko along with many others. They also have an impressive collection of tarantulas which include Brazilian Black, Cobalt Blue, Curly Haired, Mexican Red Rump, Guyana Pink Toe, Venezuelan Sun Tiger, Colombian Purple Bloom, Hispaniola Caribbean Emerald, Amazon Blue Bloom, Thai Tiger, Indian Violet, Golden Blue Leg Baboon, Colombian Giant Red Leg, Mascara Bird Eater, and many more. This impressive range of reptiles is up for sale at reasonable prices.

Not only are these reptiles loved by the owners, but children and adults alike, and there are many pictures of children wrapped by snakes that are harmless and adults holding tarantulas on their Instagram page. One of the interesting facts about Cnb Reptile is that their original Instagram account was hacked a few years ago, after that they made a new account.

They now have near four thousand followers and growing. This shows their resilience in the face of adversity, the fact that they bounced back and did it better than ever!

The owners of Cnb Reptile are not only kind but humble and down to earth and credit their team and employees for their huge success. Their team has worked tirelessly, night and day, invested their time and energies into the company, and that is why they have made it so big and they feel indebted to their team for all the hard work they have done.

One thing that sets Cnb Reptile apart is their work ethic. They only get the best breeds of reptiles and take good care of them, and sell them at reasonable prices. You will not find this kind of work ethic in any other pet store.

The owners of Cnb Reptile’s favorite quote is “always look at the brighter side” because life is full of challenges and hardships, but every cloud has a silver lining and every difficult situation has a positive aspect to it. Positivity can be a driving factor in one’s life, whereas negativity can bring life to a halt. Their positive outlook on life and its many difficulties, which they have overcome with grace, is the reason behind the success in their business. Their favorite quote is a reflection of their view on life, which is very optimistic and persevering.

The owners of Cnb Reptile believe in taking breaks and taking a step back to review their life. Their advice is that give yourself time, time to grow, to develop into a better person, and give yourself frequent breaks. They also recommend people to try to exercise as it releases endorphins which help them get into a better mood. This advice has helped them grow into a booming business and they are sure that it will help others too.

The owners of Cnb Reptile are also very generous, and often host giveaways on their Instagram account, which is their way of giving back to the community. You can follow them on Instagram with their handle, @cnb.reptile to stay up to date with their company and activities.