Cleo (@iheartcleo)

Art is kneeling with one hand outstretched into the heavens and the other into the world, allowing ourselves to be a gateway for energy to pass through. Cleo is an artist; she is on Instagram as @iheartcleo with 3.2k followers. Cleo is a rapper and music producer. She composes various beats on which she raps and amuses her followers. Being a female rapper and competing in tuff competitions is not that easy. The competition is fierce in this industry. On the other hand, a rap career may both be creatively and financially gratifying for those who excel, and Cleo is one of them. Rap music is ubiquitous in today’s culture and has become one of the most popular musical genres. So it’s no wonder that many individuals, like Cleo, are fans of the genre and aspires to be rappers, and that Cleo serves as an inspiration to them. Follow Cleo on Instagram.

It requires ability, effort, and perseverance to sustain herself as a professional rap artist. It can be done, as evidenced by performers like Eminem. He endured a terrible life and hardship, and he didn’t let that hold him back. He’s now known as the all-time finest solo rapper! Cleo is on a similar route to having her abilities recognized by the rest of the world. Cleo also has a rudimentary awareness of the music industry, particularly as it pertains to her genre. This offers her an advantage and provides her control over her music career. Cleo’s obstinacy in proving herself as the best solo rapper in the world has caused her to work extra harder than others, which is why her fans are following her. Follow Cleo on Instagram.

Cleo Don’t simply listen to the musicians she loves; broaden her horizons and listen to a wide range of music. This allows her to draw inspiration from various artists and sources, which may impact her when developing her sound. Cleo trying to outdo each other in freestyle rap competitions is one of the most exciting things to see! Attending a rap fight allows her to immerse herself in rap culture while learning new skills through observation and listening. She could even be bold enough to take the stage – after all, diamonds are formed under duress. Follow Cleo on Instagram.

Poetry and rap are more similar than you would believe. Reading and composing poetry is a terrific way to improve your rap lyrics writing talents. Cleo may extend her intellect and perspectives by reading, and she can learn about rhythm, rhyming, and other things through writing. Bonus: she may wow her followers and critics by making subtle allusions in her music!

Cleo also publishes her tracks on SoundCloud. When she posts a song, it can suddenly make her famous. Cleo already had a following because of a mix-tape she put together, but when she posted a piece of music on SoundCloud, her profile would skyrocket. Follow Cleo on her Instagram to know more about her.

Besides doing rapping, Cleo is crazy about visiting places, which gets her mind to think out of the box and write more effectively. Every new individual Cleo meets in her life allows her to write a new character. Each stranger, with personal life stories and experiences, appearances and attitudes, beliefs and personalities, acts as an unofficial writing prompt, allowing Cleo to build the ideal heroine for her novel. Each new site you come across might be the scene for your subsequent fantastic narrative, whether it’s the magnificent grandeur of nature’s marvels, the rush, and bustle of a new city street, or the unusual look of a different restaurant. Take in all you observe, from the magnificent setting to the tiniest details, because you never know what you’ll find helpful in your work. Follow Cleo on Instagram.