Clara Mertz (@clara_maiwouri8)

Clara Mertz (@clara_maiwouri8)

In their younger years, a lot of little girls might recall watching cartoons with superheroes such as Wonder Woman, Super Girl, Bat Girl, etc, and wishing they could do what they do. Fighting the evil that lurks in their city and looking flawless without a hair out of place while doing so, we’re sure was a fantasy as these girls were told. Yet, in the vast world around us that the internet and social media has managed to bridge, you find real life examples of these superhero women that juggle multiple tasks you wouldn’t think a normal person would be able to handle without collapsing under the pressure of it all. You see such superwomen all the time, the ones who gracefully handle insane amounts of pressure without flinching, such as Serena Williams, Jacinda Ardern, Michelle Obama, and many more. Labelled superwomen, and rightfully so, they are celebrated for doing things that a lot of women are able to accomplish and deserve to be acknowledged.

One such personality, who has done so much for herself and the people around her, is Clara Mertz. Looks will certainly be deceiving with this superwoman, as her beautiful, luscious hair and chocolate brown skin that glows with her melanin is not all there is to her strong personality. Mertz has been redefining what it means to balance one’s personal and professional life and has been documenting it on social media to show that she is not someone to be taken lightly.

Born on the 26th of June in France, Clara Mertz is a cut above the rest when it comes to the things she has managed to accomplish in her life. On the daily, she proves that setting your passions aside to have a stable personal life is not necessary when you have the drive and the zeal to manage both, as she does both flawlessly. An athlete by profession, Mertz knew the active and fit life was for her from an early age. Basketball became her first love fairly early on and started playing it in school. Being a competitive athlete meant a strict and fit lifestyle, and Mertz tackled it head on with zero fretting.

Mertz initiated her Instagram account in January of 2021, and quickly garnered attention from over 4000 users, and her following sees growth every single day. Owing to her brilliant aesthetic sense, her dedication to her profession and a balanced display of what she does when she isn’t working on her fitness, Mertz’s social media identity is a force to be reckoned with. 

Her Instagram goes by the handle @Clara_maiwouri8 that has her listed as an athlete with plenty of evidence to prove that, while her bio has the phrase “Le présent est précieux le futur, est incertain” which is “The present is precious, the future is uncertain” in French, her native language. Her story highlights are categorized into her more casual selfies and videos, the fashionable and trendy outfits she styles on herself when she’s enjoying some time with some friends, and the hairstyle variations she tries. Her other highlights show some of the other things that are important to her and her identity, such as a highlight section completely dedicated to her athletic work and fitness. 

One particular Instagram highlight on Mertz’s account made our respect for her skyrocket, as we found that she is also a mother. Adding supermom to the list of her characteristics, the responsibilities and duties Mertz engages with are a sight to behold and an inspiration for people struggling to manage multiple things together.

Aside from the aforementioned things, Mertz also maintains a clean, modern aesthetic on her feed by alternating between a picture of herself and others being mood pictures, mostly of white tones. She is unapologetically confident, gorgeous, and hardworking, and that shows with her social media presence.

Mertz loves a good ambience and sunset as much as she loves athletics and travel. To keep up with her as she continues being an inspiration, follow her on Instagram @clara_maiwouri8.