Cisco Terreros (@ciscoterreros)

Cisco Terreros (@ciscoterreros)

To be a genuine football fan, one must have resilience, dedication, and detailed knowledge of the team and its statistics. When it comes to their team, a true fanatic is the one who follows the “through thick and thin” guideline. Francisco Terreros, commonly known as Cisco, a man born in Columbia, who ascended from poverty to power, is one such devotee.

“Poverty is not a hindrance to success but laziness and discouragement are.” A few smart remarks precisely describe Francisco’s growth when the odds were stacked against him. Among the numerous immigrants arriving in America was a youngster named Terreros, having nothing but a few bucks and bags with him, sleeping on basement and cellar floors.  He started from the ground up, determined to move forward, Cisco opened the door to his future through an internship in major league soccer located in his district where he was designated as a secretary with his job being to inspirit the team but that wasn’t enough for him, he desired more, he craved more responsibility. Cisco was keenly aware of everything that was going on around him, he arrived before time to get settled and make notes. When he asked for a multiplicity of work he was rejected in an instant, hearing the word “No” everywhere.

Unlike most people, hearing no motivated Cisco strive even harder. Without the “No” in his life he would not have gotten to the point he is today, he believes that if he could go back in time he would not alter a thing because this is how he learned his fundamentals and progressed stronger. A wonderful piece of advice that Cisco once gave was to count how many no’s you get before you reach a yes, that simply means how many times you fail before achieving your goal. Cisco is a true role model to look up to as an inspiration; he has been compared to a hungry lion before, someone who becomes more zealous after a few failed attempts.

While we’re on the topic of failed attempts, Terreros had a few setbacks that did not discourage him, he started an app company that did not end up working out, created, and sold the food truck league. He endured failures, discouragement, setbacks but it was his ability to turn all of those into the success he has right now that make him an inspirational man in the eyes of this world.

Cisco has a great amount of experience in the sports industry, he started off as an intern and then worked in the position of Relations Manager during which he obtained numerous certifications. Upon seeing him successful, he was promoted to the designation of the director. To describe Terreros as a multi-talented guy would be an understatement. Terreros has encountered many obstacles in his career path but after years of hard work and determination, he is finally out of the woods. He has worked as a coach, scout, manager, executive, and entrepreneur.

His Instagram having over 4k followers reads “God, family and football”, which perfectly describes the life he is living now. Most of his Instagram feed contains pictures of him and his family showing that not only is he a sports guy but also a family guy.

Dominating the sports industry in this world are agencies that represent brands in an overall fashion instead of focusing on individual desires, these agencies’ first and foremost priority has always been money. This is what Terreros strived to change; this is what motivated him to make “Felkrem”.
Felkrem is a firm that focuses on players, their aims, and goal, it is a firm that stands among many other larger agencies but this unique way of Cisco’s thinking is what made Felkrem stand out from the rest; their amazing track record is a testament to that statement.  It is the hard work of Cisco and his team that has led to this incredible firm.