Christo’s wife (christos_wife)

Christo’s wife (christos_wife)

Going through chronic illness is traumatic. People who suffer from a sickness that is chronic go through the pain of having their health deteriorating slowly and painfully, where each organ system becoming affected. It is very easy to get lost in the pain and to give up easily. But some people have admirable perseverance that power through their illness and emerge as victors. Such people often have strong support systems. Support systems are important because when there is a person or a group of people constantly encouraging you to not give up, one has an easier time coping with the detrimental effects of illness. Chronic sickness makes people lose faith in themselves, but with the knowledge that there is something who loves and supports them, it becomes easier to get through and the will to live triumphs over the desire to let go.

Christo is the husband to one such survivor. His wife went through the pains of multiple illnesses and surgeries in less than one year. It all started with a false alarm of COVID-19. The pandemic has taken over lives and ruined lives, so it is natural to be worried about getting infected during times like these. Unfortunately, it was something deeper that was lurking in the body. At the time, the misdiagnosis was one of the worst things that could happen, and that stroke of bad luck hit Christo’s family. The time that could have been spent getting treatments for her actual illness was spent getting unnecessary tests because of a misdiagnosis of C. Difficille because of similarity of symptoms. Spending the next few months running to get colonoscopies, polyp removal, and dealing with colon concerns, her body’s condition grew worse and worse. When she was ultimately and correctly diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease, it was found that her condition had worsened and she was now riddled with multiple conditions such as Bartonella, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth. For such a strong and independent woman, dealing with illnesses that are known to drain one’s complete energy was a huge setback. She was always known to be outgoing, confident, and proactive. These unfortunate health incidents made it impossible for her to continue going about her life like she used to. She ended up losing a big chunk of her self-confidence. Despite having a loving and supportive husband like Christo along with people who encouraged her at every turn, she couldn’t help but feel hopeless. Pain, especially chronic pain, is something that kills someone on the inside. The same was happening to her.

While she was still shaken up by this news with her husband by her side trying to support her, they got another wave of terrible news when one of her tests accidentally revealed findings of a dissected Posterior Inferior Cerebral Artery (PICA) riddled with aneurysms. A lot of her symptoms made sense. Her visual, mental, and, and balance disturbances along with pains worsening all added up. She was told that she would have to go through brain surgery to treat her condition. After having gone through so many medical procedures in the span of as short as a few months, it was a big decision and required a lot of willpower.

This is where Christo stepped up. He watched as his wife had struggled with her self-esteem along with her health and realized that she had almost completely lost her confidence along with her will to live owing to her clinical depression. She was the woman he had married and her self-confidence had been one of the things that made him fall in love with her. It hurt him deeply to know that she was shattered. He then decided to take matters into his own hands and remind her of how beautiful she is.

That is how he started his Instagram account dedicated to posting beautiful and sometimes risqué photos of his wife, showing off to the world how beautiful she is. She might have lost faith in herself but he never did. He manages this account religiously. Seeing a husband so dedicated to helping his wife regain her inner confidence is wonderful to see. Their bond and love are truly unmatched.