Chris Anthony (@kyber_by_chris)

Kyber_by_chris is a Tik Tok account where you can find one-of-a-kind, extraordinary and creative handcrafted cyber items. Chris Anthony’s objective is to retain human interaction at the core of trade in an era of rising automation. As people fuel creativity, he created a space where it may live and develop.   His Tik Tok account links him with 185.9k followers. He is also active on other social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook. People are searching for something different – something unique with a personal touch; for those special occasions in life that call for inspiration, Chris provides his unique products and content as he has more than 3.2 million views on his Tik Tok account (@kyber_by_chris). Follow Chris for learning about the upgraded world and advanced techniques.

Unfortunately, COVID was the catalyst for the notion. Chris wanted to start a new pastime, and 3D printing and Star Wars has always piqued his curiosity. So he decided, why not combine them? He chose to create an Etsy business to supplement his income during COVID. In the start, it was sluggish. He was apprehensive, and after a few months, He planned to close his business. Everything was stuck in one place until he chose to upload his work on TikTok, at which point everything exploded. Chris appreciates the support and appreciates everyone that follows him. His journey was not easy, but he knew that hard work always pays off, so he worked hard day and night and achieved popularity.

Chris lives in Houston with his wife and a baby. Chris’s wife is his strength in all the black days of his life, and he is here just because of his wife’s strength and positive attitude. His wife constantly encourages the extracurricular activities he would like to pursue, and she’s always willing to offer feedback on a new choice or item he wants to create. Never take anything for granted in life. Aside from his family, few people know that he suffered a minor stroke around seven years ago. He is a young man, and this came as a complete surprise. Fortunately, he could recover without any long-term effects, but if you suspect something is wrong, trust your instincts and visit the Etsy shop by Chris for more ideas.

Chris is always there for others. He always inspires his followers with their dreams and hope, vision and mission, attitude and aptitude. He helps creative entrepreneurs establish, run, and develop their businesses with his videos’ original content. He even has done freebies at each of his follower goals. He handed out a Savi Lightsaber made using his 3D printer’s cyber crystals when he reached 100k followers. He had everyone sign up online and then choose a winner at random. He intends to conduct more freebies in the future. He also has 3D printed and delivered logos for other accounts. It’s satisfying to be able to bring smiles to people’s faces. How can you be so apart from this God’s creature? Follow Chris Anthony right away to take benefit from him in this cruel world.

Chris has attained so many things at such young age, so many people forget that he is still too young. But he knows that life is more fun when you play games. Chris is always the winner of every game because he always does everything with dedication. He posted about playing online and physical games and shows that he never takes life for granted and live it fully. Moreover, he is a member of the star war fan club. Music flows from his heart and makes his difficult days bloom like flowers. Follow Kyber_by_chris if you want to taste the essence of life.