Chip Kennedy

Chip Kennedy

Social media is on the rise thanks to the world becoming increasingly more equipped with technology and digital media. Two decades ago, we would not have comprehended people on the internet becoming famous through their digital presence, but as technology progresses, so does our vision. Photography is a powerful tool that enables us to see the world through an artist’s point of view – it helps us understand the beauty they are trying to illustrate. By sharing photos online and creating a positive self-image, we come to understand how a person can gain a following on social media by just becoming themselves and showcasing their work. One such individual is a guy named Chip Kennedy who resides in the vibrant city of New Orleans.

Very much inspired by motivational quotes, Chip does a phenomenal job at looking at life with utmost optimism and he makes sure to spread the word of positivity with each photo through his wonderfully written captions. Chip enjoys the extravagant lifestyle, sporting beautifully tailored suits and taking pictures of and alongside beautiful top models, he is truly living his best life! From his love for music and partying to his passion for photography and sharing his creativity with the world, Chip is just bursting with adventure and excitement. He displays all of this on his Instagram, currently having a whopping 12.6 thousand followers, which is where he not only shares his art and love for all things fashion and trendy but also where he connects with thousands of people every day who share the same enthusiasm he does.

 As we can see through his photography, Chip is a lover of fashion and the best way he shows off his skills is through beautiful models who look absolutely stunning, thanks to his skilled clicks. In his own words, “Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well”, Chip truly is a game-changer and wants everybody to know he is in it to win it. Working for the top fashion magazines and fashion shows, Chip’s works are admired at a large scale and have been complemented by the likes of high-fashion personalities (isn’t that a big flex?)

The first thing Chip wants his followers to notice are his highlights, which are just filled with lovely memories, inspirational quotes, beautiful models, and of course, his colourful hometown New Orleans. He makes sure to keep his followers updated with the latest photoshoot, trendy outfits, and anything that screams out Fashion and Art!

From a very young age, ever since his thoughtful grandmother gave him her old Canon AE-1 camera, Chip has been documenting his childhood life which is something that undoubtedly catalysed his passion for photography. Today, we see his interests translated through his social media and website where he just keeps blessing us with his amazing talent. As he grew up, Chip began working for renowned fashion photographers, and because of his sheer talent, was given an opportunity to climb up the ladder and work for bigger projects and clients – it is perhaps the most interesting thing to rise from nothing and make a name for yourself in an industry that is already booming with competition, but Chip Kennedy made it happen.

Through hard work and a lot of dedication, he now owns his very own studio called Kennedy Studio, which is something he always dreamed of having. He envisions his brand to become one of the best in the world and challenges himself every day to become even better through the art he showcases to the world. Chip Kennedy is a one-of-a-kind. He is a storyteller, eager to express himself through showcasing his photography, and bettering himself through means of education, studying works of the past, and allowing the past to once again become the future for the newer generations to take control and continue his legacy as a Fashion icon.