Chioma Nwogu (@beautiifulchii)

Chioma Nwogu (@beautiifulchii)

Chioma Nwogu, also known as beautiifulChii on social media, is a creative, dancer, director, choreographer and now a musician too. She is based in Maryland, United States. She is a young and extremely multitalented individual. On top of being a dancing sensation and choreographer, Chioma also has a degree in STEM from a well-reputed college. She completed her degree in 2018 from Morgan State University where she majored in industrial engineering, mechatronics, robotics and automation engineering. In recent months, Chioma has been making quite a name for herself in the industry. She has had the opportunity to perform with acts such as Shatta Wale, Praiz, Tiwa Savage, Timaya, Davido, Tekno and many more.

For her, dancing is a medium of storytelling. For Chioma, the music she dances to is telling a story and when she dances, she conveys the story of the song as well as her own story. She is also able to express her feelings to the audience through dance and choreography. There is no set method through which she comes up with her dance routine. She loves music and dancing is her passion, it doesn’t matter to her what kind of music is playing, as long as she can move her body to it, she will dance to it. Once she listens to a song, she begins dancing and moving to it and listens to it again and again until it feels just right. She will adapt her dancing to how the music makes her feel so that her choreography accordingly reflects her emotions. She will opt for something more hardcore if the song demands it, or will sway softly if the music is such.

Chioma leads an extremely busy life, with a hundred things on her plate at any one time. She’s always on the go and is an incredibly multi-faceted individual. Not only is she a talented dancer and musician, but she is also a mother. She has a very strong relationship with her beautiful young daughter, who also joins her in dancing from time to time. Chioma never insisted on her daughter being trained to dance, it was just something that came naturally to her. It makes her very emotional and proud that she was able to inspire a passion for dance in her daughter. Her daughter is her backbone in life and it meant a lot to her that they now shared the same passion and love for dancing.

She has loved working with so many artists and dancing in huge festivals such as the Made in America Festival. She is extremely grateful that she got the opportunity to work and learn from such great artists and dancers around her. Being up on that stage in front of the huge crowd was both a very humbling and gratifying experience for her. The energy from the crowd fueled her up and filled her to the brim with excitement. She has also recently started releasing her music which has been extremely well received.

She’s an incredibly positive and happy go lucky person, always wanting people to feel comfortable and happy and smiling. Her personality shines through in her online presence as well. You can find her on Instagram @beautiifulchii where she has a huge following of more than one hundred and one thousand followers. Here, she shares with her community all the exclusive updates about her life and her work. You can also find her on YouTube Chioma Nwogu where she has more than 1.35K subscribers. Here she shares her music videos as well as candid videos of her through which she wants to show people her true self, beyond her profession as a dancer. She has also launched her clothing line, B.Chii Branded. She has introduced beautiful t-shirts in bright, fun colours with her tag line “Heeyyy People”.

Chioma is an extremely talented and hard-working individual and her huge success at such a young age is a testament to her dedication and passion for all that she does. She shines bright in all aspects of her life and I have no doubt she will continue to grow and find even more success in both her professional and personal life.