Cheng (@thedreamybunny)

Cheng (@thedreamybunny)

Creativity is an innate gift that only some are born with. And, even then, it is not easy to get in touch with your creative side at an early age. It takes a trial and error process to reach a point where you can establish your brand. Cheng, however, is special when it comes to being self-aware about her creative talents at such an early age.

The young artist grew up in Newyork— a city full of inspirations and dreams. Cheng is a dreamer. She is adamant about taking risks and making the most out of life. Sometimes, plunging into your dreams is not the bravest thing, but it is rather to observe and get in touch with your soul before deciding what you want to do for the rest of your life. And, that is what Cheng did too. She observed her talents, saw the vision, and then implemented it. That is why she is the owner of The Dreamy Bunny.

In the virtual world, The Dreamy Bunny is a dream that was fostered by Cheng and then presented to the people who keeps a keen interest in fashion, travel, and lifestyle. Her blog exudes the feeling of travelling to the beautiful places with her, sipping the fanciest drinks, wearing the prettiest clothes. It is an experience to scroll through The Dreamy Bunny’s website.

Cheng was deeply inspired by the city she lives in. The comfort, the familiarity, the buzz— it all pushed her to make a move and do something that will inspire thousands of people. Determined to do something about a head full of ideas, Cheng founded her blog in 2017. Ever since then, the blog has been going upwards and onwards, gauging the interest of hundreds of thousands of people from all over the country.

Cheng’s blog’s vibe is so soothing and inviting. It has all the warm and fluffy things one could think of: bunnies, pastel colours, flowers— she has set the best possible band strategy for herself. Brand Identity is extremely important because it helps you set apart from other competitors in the industry and give you an edge. Cheng has this edge as her website and social media has this aura that one can instantly tell it belongs to her.

This young influencer has thought everything through when it comes to her blog. Usually what influencers tend to do is stick to one thing to excel in it. Such as design, travel, fashion, food, etc. But not Cheng. She is a determined individual who is ready to take on the world with full dedication and perseverance. She loves her job, that’s why she excels at it. Her blog is divided into multiple parts: One part is dedicated towards her stroll in New York City, one is solely dedicated towards her travel around the globe, going to beautiful places, taking wonderful photographs, and making her fans feels part of her journey, one is all about style and what’s hot in the fashion trend and what’s not, and the last one is all about food, which has a beautiful food photography along with the hottest spots in town for the food you’re craving.

Cheng is determined to keep moving forward. She understands the power of digital world and the speed with which its advancing. She wants to fully equip herself with the knowledge of social media and keep her creativity block at bay because making fresh and captivating content requires ample energy. But Cheng is not scared. With a huge grin, she is ready to take on the world and be the most successful business women out there.

It’s not just about Cheng following her dream. She is also the reason that many young girls will get inspired to chase their dreams. Cheng is a brilliant example of its never too early to grab your dreams and make the most out of it. Her blog The Dreamy Bunny has 706 thousand followers on Instagram, which is massively impressive. If you want to check her up, her Instagram is: “thedreamybunny”.