Chelsea LeSage (@chelsea.lesage)

Chelsea LeSage (@chelsea.lesage)

Acting and modelling, both, are professions that are often taken too lightly or dismissed entirely by most people. We fail to see that just like being a doctor or an engineer, being an actor or a model comes with its own set of hardships and skills – which is why we see only the best of the best actors and models make it to Hollywood or some other widely known motion-picture industry and internationally recognized magazine brands. Moreover, directing is another profession that requires an enormous amount of skill, creativity, and, of course, heaps of passion to pull off a vision into a visual masterpiece. We know of one such personality that does it all, acting, modelling, and directing, and even producing with such grace and professionalism that it feels effortless and inspiring.

Chelsea Lesage is a beautiful and talented natural-born star hailing from Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and has always been a lover of arts from a very young age. As a young little girl, she had been playing music and developed an enormous interest in the theatre. Holding a BFA in Acting from Marymount Manhatten College, she has now moved to The Big Apple, also known as, New York with her two adorably lovely dogs named Lola and Gert, respectively (how cute, right?). From starting her acting career in various theatres, Chelsea has moved towards acting on film and television. She’s so great at her job and has received national recognition that some even call her “the next Jamie Lee Curtis of horror.” We think that’s already a big enough milestone to reach, especially for a young star like Chelsea Lesage!

Chelsea Lesage is the co-founder of both Golden Grand Piano Productions and CL Squares Productions. She is also the leading star of 21st Century Demon Hunter on Amazon Prime and is currently filming and also producing an upcoming independent horror feature film called Bishop’s Cove, which is set to release in 2021, where she is playing the role of an antagonist. Chelsea has also worked, or is currently working on, other films as such; Macbeth: A Cursed Film, Nick and Nicky, Yield, Love and Love Not, Zombie with a Shotgun, Sometimes Why, Laid, and award-winning Theresa and Allison, in which she was a producer. She also loves directing from time to time and has been an amazing co-director in The Final Confession of John Wilkes Booth. She says, “As a director, I am very happy with everything I am seeing and am excited for the world to see and hear this story.”

Her television credits do not fall short either as she has worked in an impressive array of shows such as The Proxy Cure, The Egos, Wink, The Following, Swipe, and TV Land Live. Aside from her acting success, Chelsea has also modelled for major magazine brands such as Vogue, Parents, Allure, Ellements, and so many more. The list of achievements for our beautiful young star just keeps getting bigger and bigger!

Not only is she undoubtedly amazing on-screen and works tirelessly to get the job done, but she is also working hard behind the mic – that’s right, our star can sing, and does a phenomenal job at it, too! Chelsea has some tracks featured on films and commercials and states that she feels lucky to be able to live a life where she gets to do what she loves and be around those who support her every step of the way.

Chelsea Lesage also runs an Instagram page where she’s gained 119k followers and the number just keeps increasing seeing as she’s rapidly only gaining more popularity thanks to her impressive work. There, she posts pictures of her modeling shoots and gives her audience a look inside her everyday life by posting photos of her lovely dogs, friends, promos, and anything she finds interesting. One thing Chelsea loves doing is spreading body positivity, whether it be through her modeling or her acting, Chelsea Lesage is truly a lady we should all be watching out for because she will do wonders!