Chefs’ N Motion LLC (@chefsnmotion)

Chefs’ N Motion LLC (@chefsnmotion)

“There is no passion to be found playing small–in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

-Nelson Mandela

Passion makes you strive, Passion takes you high and Passion drives you to the dreams and standards you want to live by. Jonathan Agnew is one such person who is driven by his passion for his successes.

Jonathan Agnew started his Food & Beverage profession at the age of 16 in a Louisiana McDonald’s. The proud General Manager made certain that he understood how to execute his work properly while adhering to ALL McDonald’s regulations and guidelines. McDonald’s was the place where he learned the fundamentals of food safety and sanitation, as well as how to be successful in the food industry. He used the skills he gained and continued to pursue more when he sought a position as a line cook at Jackson & Company. He hired the Sous Chef as his mentor, and he helped Jonathan fine-tune and perfect his already extensive skill set. He took up his post once the Sous Chef left. According to the Executive Chef, he then assisted in keeping the food and order of operations insufficient order. Jonathan is presently pursuing his passion as the Chef/Owner/etc. of his own catering company “Chefs N Motion”.

Chefs N Motion was established in 2012. Chefs N Motion began as a lunch delivery service but has now grown into the most tasteful and delicious Cajun food outside of Louisiana. One of the top seller dishes served by Chefs N Motion includes Murda Pasta which is a $17.44 dish made up of Murda Sauce combined with toasted penne pasta and your choice of meats, fish, or veggies with Mozzarella cheese on top. Broccoli or Naw is included. It is served with an organic greens salad and a fresh-baked garlic butter croissant. This Cajun- Asian fusion dish is the Top Seller of the Chefs N Motion LLC.

Chefs N Motion goes by the hashtag #Followthesmell. There are many dishes that Chefs N Motion proudly serves. Their current bestseller includes the “55 Dollar Box” which is a complete meal box that contains six lemon pepper lamb chops, a side of Cajun fried rice with Char Grilled cheese broccoli, and two cups of their signature Murda Sauce. The other dish that includes their signature Murda Sauce is the Murda Salad which includes fresh mixed organic greens covered with shredded mozzarella cheese, your choice of meats or fish, and veggies, which is then drizzled generously with their infamous Murda fusion flavor sauce. The salad is served with a freshly-baked garlic butter croissant. You can also buy their signature Murda sauce by ordering it via mobile phone or online.

The name of the company speaks for itself as Jonathan is a Chef in Motion. You can call and place an order to Jonathan and he will personally create one of his signature dishes specifically for you. Call him and he will let you know what, where, and he will cook his signature dishes for you. The Chefs N Motion’s Chef Jonathan Agnew caters for events and delivers orders above $60 depending on the location of the order placed.

For more information on orders or catering, you can call either Chefs N Motion or simply give Jonathan a call privately. He surely will shock your taste buds with his signature dish’s taste profiles. Chef N Motion can also take parts and cook in local events such as community carnivals or your own private events which you can book accordingly. Chefs N Motion can guarantee their customers the Delicious, Fresh, and Original Cajun Spice Dishes that the individuals might never have tasted.

 So what are you waiting for? Go to and place your orders to experience the utter deliciousness right at your doorstep.