Charlie Whittam (@charliewhittam)

Charlie Whittam (@charliewhittam)

In this hustling world, where every other person is trying to fit in any occupation and earn a few bucks, there still are people like Charlie Whittam who follow their passion and interest to make their name in history.

 Charlie Whittam is a sixteen years old teenager who is trying to fulfill his dream of becoming one of the most famous and well-known musicians of all time. He started composing his songs when his grandmother who lived with him for years, passed away in 2016. Charlie put a lot of hard work and dedication into his passion and those days do not seem much away when he would hit the jackpot.

Though he is just 16 yet he is a fabulous singer, guitarist, piano player, and most importantly a songwriter. He lives in Preston, the United Kingdom (UK), and has done many concerts in his home country. He sang at the Forrest Arms in Longridge with his full potential and did a fantastic job. He also gave a spine-chilling performance at his other concert which was held at Keystreet bar in Clitheroe. Moreover, he also performed at The Crown in Chorley and The Red Lion in Mawdesley and made his whole crowd cheer. Charlie did a great job of making the entrance fee-free for all the concerts so that anyone can listen and enjoy his beautiful and calming voice. Charlie Whittam also performed on BBC Radio Manchester live on air and also had a great chat with Manchester’s legend Michael Thomas Sweeney who is a broadcaster and radio DJ. Immaculately, if one is not privy to his performances and how he composes his songs, he is probably late to the party.

Charlie Whittam mostly prefers to use guitar and a loop pedal to compose or sing a song. A loop pedal is an electronic device that creates instant recordings of musical performance and plays those recordings back in real-time. He also has beaucoup friends with whom he has maintained a very good rapport. He has also been featured numerous times by his friends as he gives such an enchanting recital all the time. His covered song, “Everything’s Alright” in which he got featured by one of his friends named Jacob is also a Loop Pedal version. He didn’t only sing well in that song but also played the guitar too well to be admired and applauded by his friend and the audience. He was also featured by another friend named Meeka for covering the song “Hope for the underrated youth” which is originally sung by YUNGBLUD. Singing a masterpiece like ‘Hope for the underrated youth’ is no joke as it has sudden high to low voice note shifting but Charlie made it look trouble-free for him.

Charlie has burnt candles at both ends to take his place in the music industry. He has a fan following of 582 people on Facebook and 528 people on Instagram. At this very young age, he is to drop his first-ever debut Extended play (EP). An Extended Play(EP) is basically a musical recording that contains more tracks or songs than a single but lesser than an Album. As per the expectations, his extended play might contain more than 3 tracks. Marc Winstanley, his one of friends is also working with him on his debut EP and most likely the producer will be the ‘TREE Top’ studios. He named this extended play “Denial” which will be released on March 18, 2022, with completely free entrance to his concert. Charlie writes about what he actually feels and what he has gone through in the past. He puts his emotions into lyrics, notes, and music. It is very rare to find a multi-talented teenager like Charlie Whittam.