Calev (@goodbyecalev)

Calev (@goodbyecalev)

Everyone likes to groove to good music but the real passion for music is extremely rare and only a few are born with it. It cannot be conjured, it is only cultivated. One of these music geniuses comes from the city of Portland in Oregon— named Calev— who goes by stage name goodbyecalev. Calev not only enjoy good beats, but he also knows how to produce them and how to sing along with them. He understands music to fully appreciate it and that is why he is one of the front-running producers in the state with almost fifteen thousand followers on Instagram.

Growing up in Portland has had a significant impact on his inclination towards music and its production. Some even say that Portland is a haven for music lovers music it has an ample variety of musical live shows that plays rock, pop, punk, metal, hip-hop, and jazz. The city is known to be the home of indie and alternative rock. This ultimately means that this is a place where musicians are born and where their dreams come true because of the plentiful existing opportunities. And Calev was lucky to be one of the dreamers in this city because it allowed him to chase after what he wants and be successful at it.

However, Calev’s profound success does not have everything to do with geography. It has more to do with his dedication and resilience to go after what he wants and become a trailblazer in the industry. He has worked extremely hard over the years, which is why his work is featured on some of the huge mediums such as Disney, General Mills, Nike, Jordan, Red Bull, the National Basketball Association, the Portland Trailblazers, and many others.

The music industry is expanding every day with burgeoning artists and it hoards some big old names that are still influential. Amid this competition, it is extremely hard to be a unique voice and grab opportunities. This is why Calev’s accomplishments are immensely impressive because he has achieved getting his work published on big platforms during the first half of his career. It is not just the influential brands that have noticed Calev’s distinct voice, but also his work has been used in many advertisements. This proves that Calev’s talent is being recognized like wildfire.

This young producer and music enthusiast have always been passionate about music. That is precisely why Calev has also sought a distinctive voice. It is important to stand out from the crowd because that is the only way to make a name for yourself in an industry that is expanding every day. This is why Calev has picked out a neat stage name for himself. He goes by the name of goodbyecalev, which is also his Instagram handle.

After his dedication towards his music career, Calev has made some big strides in his career including working at Portland’s biggest and #1 recording studio—  DB Nation Productions. DB Nations has inspired a big list of musicians by providing them with a comfortable environment, brilliant acoustics, and professional sound engineers. The exclusive facilities allow artists to produce some of their best works. This place has also given Calev a platform to work with budding artists with big dreams. He works as an in-house producer at DB Nations, and he has produced some of the industry’s top talent in finding their dreams and grabbing opportunities. This could not have been possible if Calev didn’t have a thorough understanding of music.

Calev’s ardour for music and determination to succeed has made his dreams come true at such an early age. Not only is he passionate about achieving his dreams, but he also helps other people in achieving theirs. Only in the first few years, Calev has had his work published on big platforms, featured in ads, and he’s already helping other people by producing their work. He is meant for greatness and he is not stopping until he achieves it. If anyone wants to hear his music and look up his expertise then see his social links from here: