The most basic and most important need of a human is the wellness of both body and mind. The human body performs way better once it is nourished with this feeling of wellbeing and satisfaction. The average human seeks this peace in their lives but is unable to do much about it and this is where Tal Banker comes in. Tal, also known as ByMariaLu is a Wellness and Tantra Mentor and works to make sure that others are living their lives to their full potential without missing out on the best part of their lives and actively improving themselves both spiritually and physically.

Being an influencer, Tal makes sure that she engages her audience into this lifestyle that she’s experienced and can help you achieve and uploads videos of things that you could incorporate into your daily lives to achieve a better and satisfactory life and posts different exercises on Instagram and does Facebook Live sessions to thoroughly discuss what needs to be done to achieve this lifestyle and what benefits it holds to adapt.

Pleasure is how one connects to oneself to achieve enjoyment. This enjoyment is defined as an exquisite melody that makes the body go with it. Being a Tantra Mentor, Tal makes sure that she emphasizes how important one’s sex life is and how one can make it even better through Tantra practices and realization. Intimacy is considered a holy practice between two different people and is often perceived wrong by many. Tantra is an Indian practice that brings together a lot more to intimacy than normally seen by bringing together the spirituality, sexuality, and state of mindfulness to achieve the best pleasurable experience for an individual.

Every practice has unique ways for it to work and have an effect, a set of different things that need to be done to reach a certain state of mind and physical ability and for Tantric, this lies within a series of breathing, yoga, sounds, and certain movements that activate the intimate energy inside someone to give their a pleasurable experience. On her Instagram page, Tal is often observed to be posting videos of herself self-demonstrating some of these practices to make it simpler for people to perceive how it’s supposed to be done and also provides Facebook Live sessions where she further goes into the depth of the different things that go into that practice and arranges sessions for all kinds of different exercises such as breathing, yoga and general fitness to make sure that the physical and spiritual needs are both satisfied.

Having such knowledge, Tal is often invited into podcasts and interviews and has her podcast known as the Akörde Podcast where she invites different guests to talk about several Tantra and sex-related topics. A few good podcasts would be when @menditos visited as a guest and talked about the different taboos and myths that the world has about Tantra and sex and functionality and masculine benefits of it for men and with @jhpelaez where they talked about the impact of sound as a sexual trigger.

With recent times in mind, physically assisting someone is quite a hard thing to achieve and could prove to be harmful instead of better, and with that in mind, Tal gives her classes online instead to avoid any issues and also to provide for a more interactive experience.

Having a way with words and a special kind of love for philosophy, her posts are often seen equipped with philosophical quotes that reflect upon multiple aspects of how one lives one life, the infinite potential of Tantra, a healthy lifestyle, and mindfulness. These quotes serve to motivate people into getting in a similar mindset and allowing for more room to grow.

Tal can be found on Instagram @by_marialu where she actively posts about all of these valuable resources, motivation, and techniques for a better lifestyle to her 13,000 followers.