Bryan Pauley @bryan_pauley

Bryan Pauley (@bryan_pauley)

“Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.” — Kahlil Gibran

Music and those surrounding it know how beautiful and magical music is. It’s a form of expression. Through music, people can converse with each other regardless of their mother tongue. A Spanish song can be enjoyed by Americans and English songs by Spanish. Such is the beauty of music. There are no boundaries to where this music ends. Those who consider music as their residing power or those who appreciate the ones who follow music are definitely true music lovers. Bryan Pauley is one such being who loves music and those associated with it.

Bryan Pauley is a concert promoter. He belongs from Ohio, Cleveland and went to Midpark High School. He completed his Bachelors of Business and Marketing from Kent State University in 2009. Bryan has been a former booking agent for Gorilla Music for approximately 2 years. He has also worked for Madman Productions as an Event Co-coordinator. He remained a co-owner of In-Demand records till he built his own name under the company Superior Booking.

Superior Bookings, which specializes in the non-exclusive representation of musicians, ensures that all of its artists and events receive appropriate exposure to flourish. Their festivals, showcases, tours, and concert series present artists with one-of-a-kind experiences and chances.

Superior Booking works with some of the most illustrious independent performance venues in the United States. Working with them provides musicians with quick access to a nationwide network. If you want to book independently, you should book your next concert with Superior Bookings, a countrywide name.

A booking agent arranges for artists, lecturers, and other prominent personalities to make appearances, lectures, or performances. Their responsibilities include negotiating and reviewing performance contracts, arranging travel, and confirming appearances. They interact with talent promoters, venues, and other organisations that book performers. Bryan Pauley being a booking agent or a talent buyer provides emerging talents with opportunities to shine like a star. Being a booking agent, Bryan is responsible for all the organization of the tours.

The recent tour that he organized was for a famous band known as wifi or @wifisfuneral on Instagram. He created this opportunity to provide the band with the recognition they deserve. Bryan Pauley recently completed a major milestone of organizing and running one thousand shows under his company Superior Bookings.

Bryan Pauley is not only a true inspiration when it comes to his career choices but is also a true star when it comes to his family. Bryan Pauley is a loving father of a daughter named Ava. He has a dog as his buddy in his house. His love for his daughter can clearly be seen on his Instagram wall.

Bryan Pauley took her daughter to the concert of her daughter’s favorite singer the Machine Gun Kelly. Her daughter got to sing with the Machine Gun Kelly and the singer gave Ava his drummer Travis’s drumsticks to take as souvenirs that Bryan’s daughter will cherish for life.

Bryan Pauley’s drive for success and his efforts in making his dreams come true have taken him too far. His love for strings instruments can also be witnessed by his followers on his Instagram page where he is playing a Mandolin gifted him by his father. He can also be seen posing with the guitar. Apart from that, Bryan loves to enjoy his life with his friends and family and celebrates every single success whether it is little or big.

If you want a living inspirational personality, Bryan Pauley can be considered as one. His hard work to achieve success, his will to enjoy his life, and his love and support for his family show Bryan’s beautiful and true nature.