Bruce Wayne (@beverlyballer)

Bruce Wayne (@beverlyballer)

In a market as dynamic in nature and competitive as clothing, how does an entrepreneur manage to breakthrough? We find that besides the qualities needed by any new entrepreneur who wants to survive in the market – such as passion, resourcefulness, willingness to improvise and listen to others, and have a strong determination to succeed – the path to success lies in evolution and revolutionizing your business is determined – whether it is the evolution of ideas, services, and products, or technology. An entrepreneur should have an open mind and eagerness to learn new things.

Having done just that, an individual owner of his very own start-up business which goes by the name of “BeverlyBaller” a luxury clothing company based in Beverly Hills, California – Bruce Wayne is a young entrepreneur who is now living the high-end lifestyle. With over twelve thousand followers on his main account (@beverlyballer) and already exceeding a hundred over on his newly established business blog (@beverlyballergear), this brilliant young man has already managed to find substantial success at such a young age purely through his skills and talent.

Having been infatuated with the streetwear aesthetic which has been popularized around the globe since the 1990’s – and always having wanted to cultivate his love for experimenting with fashion so that it could reach the next level, Wayne already knew that he wanted to have a career within the fashion industry, and so it seemed like the obvious choice to pursue his dreams of starting his own clothing brand. He says; “I think just by the way I dress; you can see that I love street fashion and the like. I wanted to try and bring my own vision into the market and so I started ‘BeverlyBaller’”.

Being fully aware of the competitive nature of the market, this brilliant businessman knew that he was going to have embarked on a turbulent journey to attain success when he entered the market. And so he strove forward with the rallying cry of “Go slow but go steady. Everything you want will come to you with time so don’t rush the process – that can only lead you down the path of failure.” – a phrase, as we observe, which has served him well.

Always one for favoring expensive taste, Wayne knew that he wanted his business to reflect his values and style – wanting to cater to those who had a similar preference. And so he has always been careful in making sure that his brand has reflected that since its inception and continues to do so with every new design he launches. Wanting only the best for his loyal customers, Wayne uses his Instagram not only to show off his sick drip but also to assure his followers and customers regarding the quality of his brand. From modeling for his new launches to showing his followers the process and the end result of his clothes, Wayne wants to ensure that he always has and will continue to only bring out clothes that are worthy of his premium brand name.

With the rising success of his business Wayne realized that dealing with his customers was not going to cut it, and improvising as the situation called for it,  this exceptional young businessman has taken to opening his very own online store, which, true to his brand, is stylized to fit the extravagance his brand endorses  – where you can easily browse through the ever-expanding catalog and buy your favorite pieces.

A person who exudes resilience and persistence in everything that he does, Bruce Wayne lives his life through the motto of “winners never quit, and quitters never win.” Claiming that; “If you really want to achieve what you set out to, failures shouldn’t be a game-ender, but at best, some hurdles you gotta jump through along the way to success.” With a thought process such as that, it comes as no surprise that this competent young man has been so quick to find success.