Brown Skin Brunchin (brownskinbrunchin)

Brown Skin Brunchin (brownskinbrunchin)

A community that works to unite women of color one brunch at a time. Brown Skin Brunchin’ is a small community originating from the town of Richmond in the state of Virginia whose main purpose is to socialize and grow their community so they are able to make am impact in the world. This group is for women who are interested in growing their personal as well as professional social circles without the aspect of boredom. It does not matter what you love, travelling, cooking, socializing, relaxing, etc. Brown Skin Brunchin’ always has opportunities that can be taken advantage of.

A very close group of friends living in Richmond, Virginia, who have known each other since childhood decided why not expand our social circle. That is when they decided to create a community where various women of color could come together and find a safe space to call their home. It all started with just one brunch and now this community has grown to a number of states in the Unites States. Their main location is in Richmond, leading to VA – Washington, NC Atlanta, CA – Los Angeles, MN, DC – Charlotte, GA – Tampa, FL – Chicago, CA – Inland Empire, IL – San Francesco, CA- Fresno, CA – Las Vegas, TX – Dallas, and a few more. Each city gives opportunities and exposure for black and brown women to meet with other women and create a bond of sisterhood that lasts lifetimes.

Brown Skin Brunchin’ is a small group of black and brown women that use the concept of brunch which is an amalgamation of breakfast and lunch, why brunch if one may ask. Breakfast offers the calmness of alcohol freeness and the avoidance of the hustle and bustle in the early morning time. Freshness in the air, calmness in the wind, and the serenity of the environment is one of the best things that makes breakfasts soothing. Lunch is the mid meal of the day, everyone is taking a break from their productive day and resting for a delicious meal. Conversations become productive and the environment becomes chatty, these are the characteristics of the mid meal that everyone looks forward to. Combining the two makes a wonderful get together and a place to have a variety of things to consume and to talk about.

The great minds behind the successful community i.e. Brown Skin Brunchin’ consist of four brilliant women. The first organizer is that of Melissa Mason. She is the epitome of beauty with brains. With her double degree in behavioral fields from the Richmond Commonwealth University, she pledges to help people improve their quality of life and help them be more aware of the surroundings. Her interests include helping communities grow and prosper and also learn about the different cultures of the world.

The second organizer is that of Shamika St. Pierre who is a graduate of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and now works as a registered nurse. She loves working to make the world a better place and with her two daughters she never loses a chance to make them aware of the importance of this as well. Apart from that she loves going to new restaurants and meeting new people and this platform was the best for it.

The third organizer is that of Lillian Jackson who holds a psychology degree from the University of Maryland University College. She has been involved in human resources for the last 16 years and her main purpose is to provide education and opportunities to the less privileged women of color to help them stay up on their feet. Apart from raising two beautiful daughters, Jackson travels and meets new people and experiences different cultures of the world.

The fourth organizer is named Kimberlee Wright. She is a graduate of Pace University and she holds an accounting degree. She also has a masters in economic crime and fraud management and works as a Compliance Officer for a global financial services company. Apart from her work she loves travelling and making new friends in the seven continents of the world and brunching with them.

All organizers have worked really hard to make and maintain this community where people feel safe to talk about the worries of the world and have fun every time they meet. They wish that their profile was verified to they would ensure their members that they are only replying and attending events hosted by the real Brown Skin Brunchin’ girls. Give their website a go-through and support the community.