Brett Macaluso (@brmac19)

Brett Macaluso (@brmac19)

Brett Macaluso is a renowned figure in the circle of Artificial Intelligence companies and a significant contributor to the finance sector of business solutions. He is the Head of US Accounts and has vast experience in various sales and accounting companies. He is an ideal individual for many passionate people to look up to: not only is he a hustler in the day, but he also enjoys his life quite well with frequent vacations and loads of traveling! He seems like a man who has it all: loving family, friends, and an alluring lifestyle that inspires many aspiring finance graduates to look up to him.

Like any individual, Brett Macaluso started his journey into the finance world: young and determined to succeed! He graduated from Merrimack College with a bachelor’s degree in finance and went to Bond’s University in Australia to study further. Although he went through many struggles and hurdles, he never backed down. Eventually, his resume kept getting longer with time, and his experience became vaster and more specific to finance and technology. Brett currently has several verified certificates, including Google Project management, Principled Negotiation from Yale University, and Sales Management from HubSpot Academy. These certificates are actually from 2021, which shows how dedicated and passionate Brett truly is about his career.

It’s always a man’s dream to love their job and enjoy what makes them money: Brett is a prominent representation of this idealization. He has been a finance enthusiast since a young age when he was introduced to this world and recognized the growth potential. Brett started from the bottom and worked hard enough to stand in a position to advice and counsel others in the same field.

Brett’s career was also initiated with his first internship in 2015 as a Property Manager Intern at the Lincoln Property Company. He was responsible for marketing the properties and presenting them appealing to customers. The training also required him to know the retail market and its functions to write reports on the trending data and analyze them. Gradually, he moved as an investments Specialist Intern at Marcus & Millichap and then to his first job as a Financial Advisor in the

Commonwealth Financial Group in 2016: From this point in life, his career jumpstarted towards a series of jobs at Atlassian as an Enterprise Sales, Senior Account Executive at Oracle, Sales and Accounting departments at Alyce, and finally as the Head Of US Accounts at It was as if his life’s experience led to this current job which he excelled at! He is currently the Head of US Accounts, Mid-Market of Mad Street Den: it provides business solutions through AI technology to many retail companies, educational institutes, healthcare, media, and finance sectors. Their goal is to help facilitate teams to make more efficient decisions quickly. Their services include automating retail operations across catalog management, merchandising, and fashion photography and personalizing the consumer experience across channels via AI manufactured style and outfitting.

Brett is a leader and holds a powerful image in his company due to his charismatic personality. People are bound to appreciate his skill and respect his work. He is also a fun person to work with, who knows the right balance between work and play. It is essential for individuals not to burn themselves out, and it’s pretty natural to be exhausted in a fast-paced work environment. Therefore, Brett recommends his followers and young finance graduates not to be afraid to take a break and have some time to enjoy their life as there is no fun in life if it’s just all work and no play!

Brett has an aesthetic Instagram profile that reflects his life: fun but hectic. His Instagram feed is full of pictures with his lovely partner, dog, and glimpses of his vacations, which everyone needs! You can contact him on his Instagram by using the username ‘brmac19‘.