Brendyn Wayne

Brendyn Wayne

Everyone is aware of how physical activity is important but very few would know how much the lack of an active physical life can negatively affect a person’s body. If a person is regularly physically active, they are at a higher chance of reducing the risk of a heart attack, can manage their weight better, have a lower blood cholesterol level, recover from illness better, feel better overall to a point that they can live their lives better than those who do not exercise.

However, due to how fast life goes on and how demanding present-day life is, a lot of people just do not get to exercise or be as physically active as they should be. In times like these, having a fitness coach can help a person from suffering from a lack of physical activity. A fitness coach can work according to an individual’s schedule and allow a level of consistency and customization in a training program that may just be impossible otherwise. Having a fitness coach also enables a person to work personally on a one-on-one basis which can help in the person reaching both, their short and long-term fitness goals much faster.

A fitness coach like this is Brendyn Fogt. Brendyn is an independent Team Beachbody Coach who works with his clients to help them achieve their health and fitness goals. Having Brendyn as a fitness coach means that he would go out of his way to help his clients overcome their challenges when it comes to fitness by giving them attention and focusing on them keenly. He motivates and inspires people so that they can work towards being a better version of themselves. He believes heavily that small steps are needed to achieve big goals and bring on a massive change in a person. For a person to be better the next day, they need to start working from the present day. One thing that Brendyn loves about his work at Beachbody as a trainer is that he can help people become a version of themselves that they can be proud of.

While it may look like fitness is all about physically moving and working out, Brendyn believes otherwise. He believes that to achieve one’s physical goals, one must first start preparing themselves mentally. If one is not prepared to bring a change to themselves mentally, the change won’t happen physically as well. In Brendyn’s words, you have to want a transformative change for yourself first to make it happen.

For Brendyn too, his motivation and passion for his work come from inside himself. He tries to find inspiration within himself in his daily, everyday life. He has set his mind that he wants to be better than he was yesterday and so, he must work today that he brings the change he wants the next day. Brendyn makes sure to always try to look at a more optimistic point of view of things no matter how hard life gets. He is the type of person to look at a glass as half full instead of empty. To Brendyn, every single day that a person lives is an opportunity to do better.

Outside of his work as a professional Beachbody trainer and coach, Brendyn is also a New York-based radio producer and on-air personality. He works for the 102-7 103-5 WICY where he has his own show named Brendyn Wayne Night Show, Wild Country 96.5 and 94.7 Hits FM radio platforms where he makes sure that his work and message reaches a huge audience. His radio shows are not only heard in the United States but also as far as Montreal, Canada.

One can stay updated with Brendyn and his work through his Instagram and Twitter pages on @brendynwayne. One can also find him on Beachbody’s official website.