Brenda Barsumian (@Brendabarsumian)

Brenda Barsumian (@Brendabarsumian)

“Live the life of your dreams; Be brave enough to live the life of your dreams according to your vision and purpose instead of the expectations and opinions of others”. -Roy Bennett.

Struggles and hurdles are all part of our lives, they don’t get to decide what we are going to achieve and lose, it all depends on us, on our dreams, our goals, and our mindset. People often lead themselves down because they are afraid of the thought of losing, they don’t understand that losing is not the end of the world, it’s just the beginning of a successful journey. Brenda barsumian is one such hidden talent. She never lets anyone take her down. Rather, she built her stairs to success with all the negativities, converting them to positivity and achieving what was written in her fate.       

Brenda Barsumian is an American TV host, producer, comedian, author, SAG-AFTRA actor. Barsumian was a stunt double for Gwen Paltrow in Iron Man 2. Brenda barsumian started working in March 2016, as a television presenter in ‘CW Network’ in Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. Brenda barsumian is also President/Senior Interior designer at BB Design Group LLC.

Brenda Barsumian took training courses in the fields of Acting, Broadcasting Journalism, Singing, and Commercials. Brenda Barsumain then joined the television industry receiving supporting, recurring, and leading roles in some of the series.

She achieved much recognition through her effortless work. Later on, Brenda barsumian joined the film industry with leading roles in films which include: In a Second, La Yakuza, The Broken Heart of Gnocchi Bolognese, My Last Love, and Iron Man 2 as Pepper Potts stunt double.

Brenda Barsumian’s career life evolved more and more as she got into the film industry, with tons of offers around her. The passion of her work got her to do wonders and not only her passion but the mindset of a consistent approach towards her success led her to accomplish her goals.

Achieving any goal requires self-discipline. It demands our awareness of our actions and the ability to overcome our negative deeds. Instilling self-discipline has never been an easy task which Brenda enlightened in herself after all the struggles. It required her to have a steady concentration on her actions and determination in wanting to achieve something big.

Brenda barsumian further extended her career by joining hosting in 2016 at CW Network. She hosted LA Fashion Week and Vanderpump Gala. Barsumian also hosted the Red Carpet of some of the well-known events: The Oscars, Jewish Film Festival, The International Boxing Hall of Fame, and more. Brenda barsumian hosted many movie premiers in addition to hosting festivals, “How to train a dragon”, “The Lorax”, “Miami Vice” were well-known films.

Brenda barsumain worked as an Entertainment Anchor at Channel 26 News Malibu and Kirsty TV. She also co-produced The Jack Show and Sportswave TV.      

Brenda Barsumian got married in April 2018 to her best friend at Biltmore. They now live together in LA with their dogs.

The whole life journey of Brenda Barsumian is an example of what a certain person can accomplish through determination towards one’s goals. Start to think about what means to you the most, what makes you think about the most interesting things, and try to encapsulate those thoughts and make them your will to live. That’s what Brenda did and that’s what Brenda still does.