Brandon (@thatb0ybee)

Brandon (@thatb0ybee)

Footwear is one of the leading businesses. But despite this, it can be hard to break into the market. This is because despite being a major selling product, the market is competitive. One could even call it saturated. In a state like this, one requires major planning and setup to set the business up in a way that it grows at a steady pace and maintains itself. Custom sneakers are trendy and stylish and in the past few years, their market has grown a lot. In times like these, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected businesses in a way that cannot be denied, especially those dependant on overseas shipping. Certain countries refusing to accept overseas shipments caused a huge dent in these businesses, so it is a fact that it takes a lot of courage to take a step towards such a business.

Brandon, who also goes by the nickname “Bee”, is a fresh up-and-coming businessman and entrepreneur hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana. He started his own business of custom-made sneakers and arranged worldwide shipment for his customers. He had always been an artistically aligned child during his school days and an extremely hard worker. He had a hard time deciding what to do in the beginning, but going forward he came to the conclusion that he wanted to utilize his art for his career, whichever direction it may take.

Growing up, Brandon had learned to be independent at a young age. He learned to depend only on himself and worked hard for everything. His work and his art was the most important thing to him. He loved painting the most. Being interested in urban style clothing, he started customizing his own wardrobe with the little resources he had with him. Not everyone is born into the kind of privilege that guarantees a good future for them, and Brandon was no different. He had always had to work for what he needed from the start. He spent his blood, sweat, and tears to earn every small luxury. So hard work was something he was always used to.

He finally settled on making custom sneakers and selling them. His business quickly gained traction from everyone he knew. Since his work was immaculate and neat, he started getting a lot of orders. Soon, he started an online shop that enabled him to get a lot of orders from all over the country and even abroad! What started as a fluke ended up having the potential of a full-time business. He worked on building his own warehouse and sourced a good quality shoe-maker who would be able to keep up with his demand and supply.

As of now, Brandon makes and ships his custom-made sneakers worldwide. He takes orders on his Instagram page @thatb0ybee and works on each individual customer order with the utmost care. All his customers have been satisfied and have become regulars. Despite being hindered by COVID-19 regulations when it came to worldwide shipping, Brandon was patient and powered through with determination. This worked out well because his business is now alive and thriving.

In the future, his plans are to expand his customized sneakers business to a larger scale. Hopefully, once this issue of the pandemic is resolved, he shall be able to reach a larger customer base worldwide. As many countries are still not accepting packages from abroad. Until then, Brandon hopes to keep working hard towards all his goals.