Brandon Hale (@Realxman)

Brandon Hale (@Realxman)

There is a famous saying, “Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest; heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.” There is no doubt in admitting music is one of the most compelling forms of art. It has the ability to connect people from all across the globe. People who have been disowned and discarded by others, even they can find shelter under music. For many, it is their original home, a reason to survive. There are many individuals out there who were saved by music. Thus they want to return the favour by producing music in order to save others. One of those individuals is Brandon Hale.

Brandon Hale, more commonly identified for his stage name RealXman is a musician, more specifically a rapper. From a tender age, he grappled to express himself whether he was happy or sad. He always found himself writing raps in order to let it all out. Eventually, music became his mode of communication, and shortly it became his entire life. It was then he chose to take an incredibly courageous step, to follow his dream, and it was the best decision he ever made.

It was the year 2017 when Brandon finally put his single Receipts featuring Everett Gabriel out in the world. Soon after it was released, the number of people tuning in it started rising. This sight was baffling for Brandon, as his music was being appreciated and loved, a piece that he kept to himself could now make others feel something too. Soon after that, he did a collaboration with renowned American rapper Twanye on a song called Big. This song spread amongst the listeners like wildfire. Everyone was talking about it and about the guy who featured with Twanye, Brandon. It not only opened showers of opportunities and endeavors for him but also gave a confidence boost to him. This resulted in him producing even more music and releasing bops one after another, such as Boss, Gold, Best of Me, and many more.

However, there is no success without hardship. Brandon Hale’s ascent was not all sunshine and rainbows. He had to endure severe obstacles and adversity. There were times when he felt like quitting too and doing something conventional like the rest. However, whenever he thought this way, he would get even more engrossed in the music. It was through his endless amount of hard work, perseverance, and self-belief, he just kept going. As Brandon sowed the seed of his blood, sweat, and tears, it reaped into countless opportunities and achievements.

To connect with his fans from all across the globe, Brandon Hale has made an Instagram, @realxman, where he provides a window into his personal life. Not only that, it is the place where he markets and updates all of his musical endeavors as well. Because of his transparent nature and impeccable amount of talent, Brandon kept gaining more fans. He currently has almost thirteen thousand followers, and with every new single he drops, this number keeps on expanding.

Whether you are in the field of music or as a public figure, making a name for yourself is not an easy feat. As every day, thousands and thousands of people try their luck in these occupations, but only a stack of them make it further ahead. It is only because such fields require relentless perseverance, determination, and willpower. As mentioned earlier, all of these qualities were possessed by Brandon Hale, and thus he made achieving all of this success and fame look so easy. His entire tale is a motivation for all who are trying to earn a name for themselves in their respective dreams. His story is one of those anecdotes that will live on eternally, and the best part of his entire story is that it is not finished. There is so much more Brandon has to show the world yet.