Brandilyn (@thenerddiva)

Brandilyn (@thenerddiva)

Confidence is often the key required to unlocking one’s complete potential and achieve greatness. But to overcome one’s fears and acquire this confidence, one must work extremely hard on oneself. Many times, a person needs a bit of guidance or a boost to be able to get to that point. Along with this, sometimes it seems rather tiresome to do all these superficial tasks to impress other people. One is often left wondering if it is really worth it to make an effort for worldly things. For people like this, it becomes harder to relate to their peers who seem to be in blind pursuit of worldly things like money, fame, and power. Every once in a while, however, one comes across someone who is different and seems like they are also searching for a deeper meaning.

For us, this was the case with Brandilyn Chilsen also known as “The Nerd Diva”. If one were to introduce Brandilyn, she is a lifestyle influencer, an IT specialist, a social media star, a full-time mother, and an all-around very successful and hard-working woman. Running her Instagram page with a whopping 40 thousand followers, Brandilyn strives to bring happiness to those around her. She also aims to help women bring out their inner confident diva by helping them look for a style that fits their personality. She believes that by tapping into a woman’s true style, the best parts of her personality can be unlocked. She achieves this purpose by making informative posts about her favorite fashion pieces and posting pictures of herself wearing unique and beautiful fashion styles for inspiration. She also runs an online fashion boutique called Nerd Diva Boutique. According to their website, they are on a mission to “bring out everyone’s diva and live a life a life of style”. They provide the best and latest fashion pieces, makeup products, home decor products, and much more.

Brandilyn is a well-reputed IT Specialist. She is globally recognized as one of the top 100 worldwide best technology influencers and innovators. She hasn’t had an easy life at all. Coming from a financially weak family, she took a bold step to continue her education and to wish for a stable career that she had always thought could only come true in her dreams. She reached where she is today through hard work and diligence. She never stopped and kept running after her dreams no matter how difficult life got. Today, she stands as one of the only IT Specialists in the Real Estate industry. She powered through the hurdles she faced while studying for her degree. This included the fact that she faced an immense stigma for how women are bad at technology. She grew her skills despite the condescending attitude of the people around her. She recalls how people used to make fun of her and bully her. She never gave up because she knew and had faith that good things would happen to her.

Today, Brandilyn is happy, healthy, and in a place where a lot of people dream of being. She is in the top 10% and dreams of becoming one of the top philanthropists in the country. She is very passionate about using her platform for the greater good of the people. This is why she promotes ethics and moral values on her Instagram. She is surely somebody everyone can look up to.

When asked about her ultimate goal, one of her desires is for “The Nerd Diva” to become a household name. Looking at the rate at which she is growing, that looks very much possible in the future. She believes in following her destiny without caring for what other people say about her.