Boog 100 (@bo.0g)

Boog 100 (@bo.0g)

The last 2 years for creatives have proved to be difficult, with the world coming to a standstill and creative cultures and landscapes like that of music coming to a screeching halt because of COVID-19. Creativity, motivation, and the need to want to do the things you love were at an all-time low because of how the pandemic had changed the dynamic of how the world was functioning, and a lot of self-made musicians and artists suffered from it. The damage was not just the lack of movement, it was the lack of inspiration coming in because of everyone being confined to the 4 walls of their homes. Limited interactions with people became a hurdle for creativity, inspiration, motivation, resulting in a lot of artists becoming stagnant in their work and not being able to progress. Since the alleviation of limitations and the world slowly healing, these artists are seeing better days and lucrative inspiration, which is great news for everyone impacted by COVID.

What is an even more commendable feat is artists who were able to instantly bounce back and put out more music for their fans as soon as the conditions were in their favour, and one example of such artists is Boog 100. Predominantly a rap enthusiast, Boog saw no other road when wanting to pursue music other than rap, because rap allows for the most honest and uninhibited expression with lyrics paced, however, the artist wants, no boundaries in the kind of language and vernacular used because of how raw it is, and the fact that that is the kind mostly enjoyed by its listeners. Boog, who first released music in 2018, with his single titled Bankroll featuring Skooly, has been in the industry before and after it was brought to a screeching halt because of the pandemic. Since then, he continued to work and release more of his art into the world through multiple music streaming platforms Like YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, even showing up on platforms like Shazam, Slappin Mixtapes, and Tidal. Leaving no stone unturned, Boog was on his way to success by taking charge of his own destiny. Some of his other works include StreetLigHt$, PaperTaGS, and GLOria&VirGIL, all three released in 2021, and his most recent album titled seVen, released in February of 2022.

Boog, with his command and mastery over the English language, has released a commendable amount of albums and singles in a span of 4 years since first putting his music out into the world. Like most artists, he draws inspiration from art in urban settings because just like the nature of his music and the hip/hop and rap genre in general, it’s more free-spirited and raw, and a direct form of expression that doesn’t follow any rules. Although not very active on Instagram, he has posted a number of times in front of graffiti and wall art, the pictures displaying colorful and explosive art with him dressed in equally as bright bomber jackets and accessories.

A clear interest besides music that he has is fashion. As mentioned earlier, he isn’t shy in dressing himself up in colourful clothing that channels parts of his personality. One of his non-musical idols, Kobe Bryant, also made an appearance on his feed where Boog was wearing a jersey replicating that of the basketball legend. Unsurprisingly, his inspirations also all embody a free spirit, an unending desire to never give up and work hard towards your dreams.

Follow Boog on Instagram (@bo.0g) and be a part of his music journey, because, with the way things are looking, there is nowhere for him to go but up!