Bobby James

Bobby James

Since security plays an essential role in our survival. A nation cannot be secured without a proper security system. Security system ensures peace, law, development, and integrity in the country. Similarly, the technology has been associated with security that has constantly been developing to deliver the best and best protection against all sorts of threats to our safety. For sustaining peace, security forces perform their valuable service. They are properly equipped with security accessories to face any sort of challenge. Today, we will talk about a renowned personality from the United States of America who is a professional shooter as well as an armorer. He is known for his many exceptional records, and appearance on internet videos He adeptly anticipates the needs and recognizes the preference of the user.  He remarkably provides different sizes and additional accessories that fit the demands of law enforcement agencies, armed forces, and civilian users. Yes, we are certainly talking about Bobby James @warfighterceo.

Bobby James was born on 15th December. He holds a magnificent position in shooting history as he has won many shooting competitions. He has served his precious service as an 11B in American Army. He used to provide technical and tactical guidance to professionals in the accomplishment of their tasks there. After serving in the army, Bobby’s enormous passion for guns assisted him to be a well-known warfighter rifle creator. Being an adept rifle creator, he has produced a wide range of featured rifles. Among his collection of rifles, he is huge of 12.5” barrel length and RD-300. Bobby James is also the C.E.O of the Tactical Edge, a company that deals with an elegant collection of guns and other weapons accessories.

Bobby James always looks forward to providing the best and best tips to shooting enthusiasts. For this reason, he trains people at different shooting clubs, and explains to them proper weapons safety and shooting fundamentals step by step. Apart from that, he also made his appearance on a YouTube channel, Tactical Rifleman where he shares his extensive experience of shooting in different fields. As well, he shows how the US military shoots, communicates, and moves and provides knowledge and valuable reviews about the best weapon. 

Moreover, Bobby was honoured by the US Army as he, along with his team, was invited to Pentagon by the Secretary of the Army and USASOC, Doug Englen. It was a productive meeting where he had many business discussions with the secretary. He was so glad about the meeting that he shared the news of it on his Instagram handle.    

 James always competes for his customers to bring out the best, and this is the reason that he has recently started to work with Cerro forgings and machines to produce unique lowers for Black Rifle Union that are rarely available in the market.

Besides these, James is also an exceptional mountain and ski bike rider. As these are revitalizing and energizing activities for him.  He usually does ski riding to refresh his soul.  Apart from that, he has also taken part in several mountain bike racing competitions where he tremendously manifested his performance.

Thus, Bobby James is a man who is dedicated to his work. He has provided an advanced and high-quality variety of war rifles, guns, and accessories to the shooting sector. His products have some uniqueness that no one finds anywhere except his warehouse.  He always set his goals high and that thing of him has highly inspired many shooter enthusiasts. For more updates, One can follow him on his Instagram (@warfighterceo).