BlameitonG (@blameitong)

Music is the language in which you can’t say anything sarcastic, and BlameitonG is the one who raps in it. People take part in the game; champions alter it, and they should be aware that BlameitonG is the champion. BlameitonG is also successful as a real estate developer and is recognized as a pioneer in nightlife entertainment and talent management. BlameitonG has 113k followers on Instagram. Calculated Management has been transformed into an integrated management firm specialized in the logistics of handling valuable items and the Management of musical artists, thanks to him. @blameitong is his Instagram username. His Instagram account is full of a lot of funny and lively videos. BlameitonG sweet voice, songs, viewpoints, and religious influence have become well-known. Follow @BlameitonG on Instagram to keep up with this emerging artist.

Gregory Wings, best known by his stage name BlameitonG, is an American rapper, singer, and entrepreneur born on December 15, 1982. He is most known for the hip-hop song “Coffee Friends,” which became popular immediately after release. HipHopSince1987 magazine labeled BlameitonG “ahead of the Hip Hop curve.” As a musician, he has had a varied career in the entertainment sector. BlameitonG has a reputation for living a lavish lifestyle. BlameitonG has distinguished himself from the rest of the hip-hop pack by choosing the appropriate musical direction. He has met several high-profile musicians, like Drake, Diddy, Diplo, and others. Many well-known producers have collaborated with BlameitonG. They’ve worked together to make the music that music fans want to hear. For his admirers and followers, he is now a source of inspiration. If you’re going to wake up to beautiful, inspirational music every day, follow BlameitonG.

BlameitonG grew up in St. Louis, MO, and was influenced by ’90s R&B performers and golden era hip-hop classics as a composer and producer. He was able to gain the respect he needed to launch his career right after the initial release of his song. After graduating from high school as an All-State Football Player, he obtained a full football scholarship to Pittsburgh in 2001. He dropped out of college in 2002 due to a back injury that terminated his football career, and he focused on business from there. BlameitonG began his career in music and real estate in 2003. He had 12 Metro Broker’s Real Estate Franchise offices and opened three recording stations in Atlanta, GA. After successful years, he was arrested by the US Government in 2006 for Bank Fraud and sentenced to ten years in federal prison. BlameitonG returned with fury after being freed from Federal Prison. His real estate and music careers were both resurrected. So, take his lead and carve yourself your own unique, personality-driven route.

Every moment, blameitonG becomes more difficult. That may be seen in his new album “Too Many Secrets,” published on January 13, 2022. It explores his beginnings on the streets, his time in prison, being shot, making money, and, most, his romantic life. Gregory Wings, as BlameitonG, has been in love with his wife since the day they met. BlameitonG says, “She’s the reason I breathe every day.” Since the beginning of his career, his wife Britney Wings @heymrswings has been at the core of his songs. The song “Actions Without Consequences” was inspired by their love story. BlameitonG’s song “You Have Issues” is inspired by his stint in federal jail. He released two albums in January 2022, “Too Many Secrets” and “Too Much Sauce.” In his first week, he has already surpassed 100,000 streams. Follow BlameitonG footsteps and pursue a fascinating and rewarding career.