Blair Kaplan Venables

Blair Kaplan Venables

Blair is a social media expert and a best-selling author, based in Pemberton, Canada. She is the president of a British-Columbian PR agency called Blair Kaplan Communications. Her experience of over ten years in social media marketing has allowed her to not only write on the subject matter as an expert but also help hundreds of her clients achieve the digital dream of thousands of followers and apt communication with them.

Blair is a vibrant personality with a lot of projects going on simultaneously. She loves being able to do so many things at the same time, providing her audience and the world a look into her life and her skills. Blair has always been loud and eccentric and has had the gift of capturing a lot of attention. However, unlike other people, Blair channelled this attention into becoming something that she loves and is proud of. She also contains a deep love for travelling and has thus far travelled from Winnipeg to Edmonton to Vancouver and finally to Pemberton.

She uses her unique style and her confident personality to flaunt her natural gifts. This is also a major reason why she owns a public relations agency and helps people connect and grow. Her clientele consists of companies and brands from the beauty, fashion, and wellness industries.

She has a cute little blog dedicated to her adventures in the woods and during her travels. She documents herself as she tries new things like skiing and puts them on her blog for the world to see. She also got married in Pemberton in 2017.

Besides running a PR agency, Blair also founded the project ‘I Am Resilient’. This project features stories of strength, resilience, and strong will from people all around the world. After collecting stories from people all over the world, they will be featured on Blair Kaplan’s social media platforms as well as put together in a book. This will serve as a refreshing and motivating piece of work that will come from real people and real experiences, hence having a greater impact on the readers’ lives. A great initiative by Blair to bring together the world under the umbrella of strength and resistance.

Besides being a successful ‘Top Social Media Expert’ as accredited by Yahoo!, and a writer with a published book called ‘Pulsing Through My Veins: Raw and Real Stories from An Entrepreneur’, Blair is also a speaker and hosts several podcasts related to entrepreneurship and social media marketing. According to her, she entered the social media scene before it became a high-paying profession. Blair also conducts masterclasses for people looking for guidance and teaches them her top techniques and tricks to becoming a social media expert.

It would be safe to say that Blair is an all-rounder who’s not only pretty good at communicating with the world, but brings thousands of clients to her own clients’ businesses. She teaches other people her skills and on the side, is also growing a community built on strength and resilience. She conveys her knowledge and experience through several platforms including national stages, radio, podcasts, social media, blogs, and her book.

Blair is an inspiration to adventurous girls out there, those who’ve been called loud and too confident for too long. She inspires people to do what they love and be themselves fearlessly. She is not only serving the world and holding together a commerce business but also serves society through her projects that work towards the betterment and improvement of people. She wishes to let everyone know what being an entrepreneur is like, but more importantly, she wants to tell the world that you can be whatever you wish to be. A little hard work, dedication, and resilience take you a long way. She pushes other people to go out and explore uncharted territories. To hear more from Blair or to see what she’s up to, you can visit her on her social media at @blairfromblairland.