Big40 (@big406300k)

Big40 (@big406300k)

Music is generally perceived as the most universal of all art forms. It’s the art of combining vocal or instrumental sounds harmoniously or expressively. But music is something that is far beyond this, we can say it’s life. It is self-expansion and one-ness, it’s an art by the persons who are devoted to it. Everyone in this world has the liberty to express themselves in whatever way they want, through music.  There are many styles of music and many various ways in which to enjoy them. This is only rivaled by the number of people on the planet that have invented them.

Throughout history, the various evolutions of traditions have used music as part of their cultures, ceremonies, and religions. However, one thing has always been unique to all of these things – the musicians themselves – the ones making the music. These unsung misfits have endured time and are the common thread throughout history that has taken the time to ponder this wonderful realm. The thinkers have invested much of their lives in inventing and reinventing the muse.

Big40 (@big406300k) is another name in the music industry who is reaching millions of hearts through his music pieces. Adding his perfect taste to music, he is working hard on different projects for the past five to six years to have a name in the music industry, which surely he does. His music pieces connect the hearts of his followers and have a soothing effect on them. Big40 is a music artist from Cleveland Ohio, touring around the globe and promoting his music to millions of people doing interviews and tours.

Big40 as a young artist gaining popularity slowly, but in the meantime, many popular artists in the city mention his name and his work during their interviews like Q Money. There is a long list of his inspiring songs that are all available on sound cloud-like No Favors, Just in, How I came in, White ones, Riots, Bussin, I know what you like, Motivation, and the list goes on. All of these songs are very closed to the heart of his followers as each of them has its own story, just like the song Motivation. This song is all about the passing of his mother and how he is motivating himself to keep going with music to make her proud. This is a very deep song that anyone can relate to and use as their self-motivation to do what they want. True artists like him, not only work hard for themselves but also inspire others and make ways for them. According to his new Instagram post, a new track “Money Love” is coming soon for his followers to hit hard.

With a following of over 10 million, Big40 is reaching millions of hearts. Doing concerts around different places, he had grabbed the attention of many youngsters who can feel his music and understand it.

Big40 managed to take the pain of his mother’s death and music helped him in this way. As a music artist, he expressed his pain in the best way he can and surely all of his followers and listeners listened and felt that pain. As a listener, it is our responsibility to promote young artists and feel their message which they are delivering to us through their music. Big40 is a deserving artist and after all of his struggles, he deserves recognition by the major sites through blue tick. His hard work will surely pay him and it will surely increase the number of his followers and listeners more, which will help him to reach the heights of success.

If you want to listen to his music and want updates about his new tracks, you have to follow him on Instagram  big406300k. His sound cloud profile includes his all songs you just have to follow his profile. You can also stream his songs on YouTube.