BeU Ministry

BeU Ministry

Be U Ministry is a powerful duo of two young boys, Triston (14 y/o) and Tremel (12 y/o). The two young artists sing, produce, write, act and perform. They make Christian music for healing and inspiration and are great advocates of freedom of expression and self-love. They openly announce their support for authenticity and confidence. They believe that music holds the power to heal and to soothe. Which is what they aim to achieve through the music they make.

The contemporary Christian music that Be U Ministry produces is a modern phase of pop music that has seeped into the culture because of its inspirational tone. Like Be U Ministry, many Christian music producers and artists believe that music holds the key to healing, self-love, and freedom. They use music as a means of freeing the self from the clutches of despair and trauma. This genre of music is related to the Christian faith and lyrically talks about Jesus and his blessings. It is a way to bring people back to religion with the help of music that touches the heart and the soul.

The movement for Christian music was formed in the early 1960s where the Jesus Revival movement began to spread its influence into music. They started using music as a means of conveying their message and bringing people closer to God. Instilling faith in people is the primary aim of this kind of music. You will find that contemporary Christian music can be pop, rock, or both.

Given the number of Christian music artists that have appeared on the scene, contemporary Christian music is gaining more representation. You can find Billboard’s ‘Christian Albums’, ‘Christian Songs’, and several other categories and groups that solely hold contemporary Christian music for those who wish to discover more of this influential and powerful music genre.

Triston and Tremel got into the genre through their family churches. They both began as individuals who would lead praise and worship at their family church. They had been doing this since they were little boys and had spent their whole life worshipping Jesus. However, the two boys united and they became a dynamic young duo who attend The First Baptist Church of Glenarden. At this church, they both work together to praise the Lord under the supervision and leadership of their reverend Father Jonathon Queen. They also serve the Chosen Generation Praise team under the guidance of reverend Stephen Hurd.

Their musical career was officially launched in 2020. However, they had been releasing singles before that. They have several singles like “I’ll Confide in You” and “Brand New Day” and they were released in 2019 and 2020 respectively. These songs both offer healing aspects as well as present hope for the listeners. This is why they are a perfect embodiment of their motto of ‘Encouraging self-love, self-confidence, authenticity, freedom of expression and generational healing through music.’ Their music rounds up perfectly to resonate and convey their message. They advocate for self-love, freedom of the soul, and hope at the cost of a little faith by incorporating meaningful lyrics that add value to their music.

They will be releasing their first single from their debut album ‘From the Ground to The Sky: No Limit’. The song is called ‘Because Greater is Better’ and will be out for the public to enjoy on 8th April 2020. Their debut album is a great deal for them as this will establish them further in the music industry and especially in the contemporary Christian music genre. This album holds great value for their future endeavors and will help them learn a lot through time.

The tracklist for the seven-song album has been released on their social media accounts. If you’re someone who loves trying out new artists or simply wish to hear some more of that inspirational contemporary Christian music, you should head over to their Instagram account @beauministry.