Benoit Kassa Koumba (@bkkiam)

Benoit Kassa Koumba (@bkkiam)

Since talent is undoubtedly a unique gift by god. When it gets the support of hard work and efforts together, makes a person champions of champions. There is no doubt that some people are born with having many talents. They do not only confine themselves to one field but also, they are excelled in other fields. Today we will talk about a multi-talented personality from Amsterdam, who is an exceptional singer as well as an entrepreneur. His music has tremendously touched the hearts of music lovers. Winning the music award is proof that he has mastered everything with his heart-touching music. Apart from his prodigious musicianship, he is also known for his abilities as an entrepreneur, who does not dream about success but does efforts for it.  Yes, we are certainly talking about Benoit Kassa Koumba aka bkk @bkkiam.

Bkk was born in Gabon. Before moving to Amsterdam, North-Holland, Netherlands, he used to live in Brunei, France. Benoit Kassa has acquired his bachelor’s degree in International Business and Administration from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. Then, he did his master’s degree in the Management of Innovation. During his studies, he was the president of the Netherland’s largest African student organization, ASHAH.

Benoit is currently working as a digital marketing consultant at Marveltest, where he has been providing his deep knowledge of setting up marketing and audience targets. Along with that, he exceptionally utilizes technology to expand the company’s approach to a greater level.

 At the age of sixteen, Benoit used to make hip-hop songs in his bedroom. He enormously masters himself in the art of music within a short time. He has been producing music professionally since 2010. So far, he has produced many enthralling songs. His recently released song, May Late Night Verison, has produced a great thrill among music lovers as it has become one of his most streamed songs on a streaming platform, Spotify.  Moreover, his specialization also lies in writing songs as well as in Djing. By getting many votes, Benoit won a music award, The Grote Prijs Van Rotterdam, in the category of Hip-hop in 2020.

Being a renowned DJ, Benoit Kassa Koumba used to wear dungarees while performing on stages and nightclubs. During this, an idea of his clothing company was struck in his mind, and thus, he soon found his first clothing company, BiBS, which is specialized in dungarees. The unique thing about his dungarees is that it is made up of 100% cotton. Along with that, it has zipped front pockets which are not found in other dungarees. It is due to this unique quality, the company becomes one of the best clothing companies in the Netherlands. After prominent success, Benoit engrossed his company in other manufacturing lines as well. Apart from that, he is also a founder of the photo shooting company, Analog Yet Digital.   

Besides these, Benoit Kassa Koumba is a co-owner, and product manager of an agency, “OnDigitalise”. Through this company, he assists local businesses in digitalization and enables them to operate digitally.

Many people want to change their dreams into reality, but only talented people can do that. Benoit Kassa Koumba is also one of those talented people who has changed his dreams into reality. He is the man of parts who has set an example that allows your passion to become your purpose. With his dedication and determination, he greatly allowed his passion to become the purpose of his life. So, if you want to acquire the pleasure of his music then you can find it on Spotify as well as on his website Or if you want to order the elegant collection of Benoit Kassa Koumba’s fashion label, then you can place the order from anywhere in the world as it has a worldwide shipping facility. For placing your order just visit For discovering more about him on Instagram @Bkkiam.