Benjamin C. Fields (@bencf)

Benjamin C. Fields (@bencf)

Former basketball player and current business manager, Benjamin C. Fields is an accomplished and proficient individual capable of feats greater than those simply attained by the common person. Always looking to expand his experiences and not afraid to venture out of his comfort in order to try his hand at something new, this young and skilled entrepreneur is making a name for himself in the industry with his business managing of up-and-coming rapper “ahagazelle”.

So what makes a great manager? What sets a good manager apart from a great one seems to their positive attitude and a trustworthy and approachable personality which inspires positivity. From his inspiring bite-sized and easily digestible life lessons to his radiating and infectious smile, it seems that Benjamin fits that criteria and beyond. With an almost seamless talent for uplifting spirits; while staying true to his morals, Ben flawlessly manages to arouse insurance all the while maintaining an expectation of trust (which he fully delivers on – time and time again) with everyone he deals with.

Already having attained quite a name for himself with over five thousand followers – which continue to grow with every passing moment – up on his Instagram account (@bencf), this entrepreneur has yet to slow down with his rise to popularity within the industry. With the motto of “Working far more smarter than harder”, Ben is a man who’d rather work by utilizing his time effectively, compartmentalizing it in a way that leads to the best use of that allotment, like any great manager.”

Going through the motions of daily life by sticking to the mantra of “Rest, Prayer, Focus, Productivity, Consistency, Repeat” Benjamin is a man with a soul, who proves his tenacity and willingness by put his best foot forward every step of the way in absolutely everything he sets out to accomplish. In this way, not only does this bright young businessman succeed in doing everything he set out to do, but he does it with such conviction that there is no room left for scrutiny. This, we surmise is because of his dedication to his craft.

For – as Benjamin proves himself to be a man of a strong and solid set of beliefs, he makes sure that his hold on his values is maintained through everything he strives for outside his personal life. “I’m a firm believer that once your passions align with your skill, you’re in the realm of your purpose…I identified my passion by trying to contribute in any way possible regardless of the situation.” In this way then, not only does he achieve in finding a balance between his morals and his work ethic, but as they both align with each other, he is able to treat one as an extension to the other, making his work only another part of what he already strives to attain his normal day-to-day activities.

An altruist at heart and committed to whatever he puts his mind to by nature, it comes to us as no surprise that the part of his job that Benjamin finds bringing him the most energy and joy is helping others. “A quote my dad has told me my whole life is, “Service is the rent you pay for the space you occupy” and I wake up every morning eager to serve somebody in some way, educate somebody in some way, help somebody in some way.” he goes on to say. And so when we say that Benjamin is an individual accomplished, we mean not only the skill set he brings onto his workplace but also willingness and determination to bring the best out of everyone he interacts with, by being the best at what he does – manage.