Ben Pendergast (@itsboyinspace)

There is nothing you can’t be and nothing you can’t do. Nothing you can’t achieve! Ben Pendergast, a man with approximately 3 million followers on Tiktok (@itsboyinspace), 2.63 million subscribers on YouTube (itsBoyinSpace), and approximately 3 thousand followers on Instagram (@itsboyinspace), inspires people to step outside of their comfort zone and pursue their dreams. Ben accomplished his 11-year-long dream when he entered the field of 3D printing in 2021. Lately, 3D has become a buzzword, whether in screens, films, portable devices, or the newest addition: printers. 3D printers are reminiscent of old printers in that they create an object rather than print an image. The concept may be old, but the advancements made in the last few decades are indescribable. If you’re obsessed with and familiar with this term, don’t miss out on this. Take a look after Ben. Fill your life and design with colours!

           If you change your passion into a job, that becomes work. During his high school years in 2010, Ben used to assist the school in arranging 3D printers, which naturally sparked his desire to have one for himself, but he couldn’t because it was monetarily extremely expensive. He had to wait years for his dream to come true. Quick forward to the beginning of 2021, when he eventually got his first 3D printer and decided to start uploading his adventures on TikTok daily, which has proven to be a lot of fun! As now is the world of social media, a thriving marketplace for showcasing talents to be noticed by millions of people worldwide. Likewise, Ben has been using social media as a portfolio of his work. It’s been such a crazy 11 months for him on the platform, where he’s gained nearly 3 million followers. He recently began working for the @3DPrintingNerd on YouTube and helped them gain over 100k followers within the first month. Follow (@itsboyinspace) and trust me, you’re not going to regret it!

           Our universe is a sad little affair unless it contains something for people of all ages to explore. Because there is enough room for everyone, it’s not just for scientists and mathematicians or a limited group of astronauts. That is our new frontier out there, and it is everyone’s responsibility to be knowledgeable about space. Ben is greatly influenced by space and nature. The majority of his work is concerned with these two. He’s been seen making moons, octopuses, dragons, and various other models. The colours in his work appear to be fascinated by nebulae, which are large clouds of gas and dusk observed in space. His timelapse videos should not be missed. They give you the impression of being somewhat omniscient, as if you’re observing the world from afar. After his friend @union3dprinting created a smaller version of Rocktopus (Dwayne Johnson’s head on an octopus), he decided to make a larger version. His version quickly went viral, garnering over 34 million views! You will be astounded by his work if you follow!

                      A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others. A handful of 3d printing communities on Tiktok has been helping one another since the beginning. @twistedtransistors helped Ben to achieve what he has today. His drive to post content and interact with the community inspired Ben to continue to stay humble, stay positive, and help the community no matter what. Ben keeps his content family-friendly and uses this platform to inspire creativity and positivity! He encourages people to push past the barriers they’ve placed before themselves because someone won’t ever know he can’t do something if he doesn’t try! Follow and join him up on his inspirational journey!