Ben Buehler (@thisisbuehler)

Ben Buehler (@thisisbuehler)

The world hides in itself a beauty of little things. There is beauty in the movement and there is beauty in the stillness. Only an eye of an artist can recognize such peculiarities and demonstrate them in a perceptive form that attracts the human eye. Ben Buehler, an actor, writer, and producer from Seattle possessed the same adroitness and taste for art that bought him in the field of filmmaking.

From a young age, Ben had been a huge fan of Sir Sean Connery, a Scottish actor who first portrayed the British frictional character of James Bond on screen. Idealizing the smoothness and heroic style of Sir Connery, Ben entered the filmmaking industry with an aim to prove himself and his acting skills. He embraced every single step of his career and worked vigorously to achieve his dreams.

Feeding his passion, Ben Buehler enrolled himself in Gilmore Acting Studio, in Seattle and within six years of learning he developed incredible qualities and skills of acting. In a short time, Ben produced and wrote a couple of short film and TV series in which he also demonstrated his remarkable acting skills. Soon popularity and fame knocked his doors and fans from different countries loved his overall stunning appearance and fascinating acting skills.

Ben produced a successful short comedy film; ‘Pens’ in 2018 and a whole TV series, namely, ‘Good Alternative Foods’ in 2019. Moreover, Ben acted in countless other short films such as Second Shot, The Big Swing, Positive and Human School which was also written by him. Not keeping himself bound to any certain sphere in the spacious world of Hollywood Cinema, Ben also acted in several TV Series and TV movies like Three Busy Debras, All Sorts, High Note and Better Half web series. His movie ‘Treasure Lie’s, which was released in 2020, was highly adored by his audience and reached an IMDB rating of 8.8 out of 10.

Filmography is an art in reality and involves the sculpting of time. One can never avert his eyes when performing this art either as a director or an actor. Every single movement becomes precious as soon as lights, camera and action amalgamate. The passion and talent for filmography prevented Ben from stepping back even in these unusual times of pandemic outbreak. With the magic of the screen, Ben is determined to entertain his fanbase and not to let them feel isolated even in their quarantine. Currently, he is working on another short drama film, ‘Way Out Here’ and he and his team are exerting their utmost effort to conjure up another masterpiece for their audience.

The industry of showbiz and filmmaking bought Ben in a glamorous life. His circle became full of famous personalities and renowned actors of the present time. Attending numerous interviews and film festivals Ben gradually walked towards his destined fame. Ben Buehler was officially selected as the 2019 Best Actor Dramatic Short Ben Buehler in Colorado International Activism Film Festival. Moreover, his film ‘My Brother Sam’ also won the Summer 2020 Best Dark Drama Film at Oregon Short film festival.

Ben’s fame and popularity took him to various states and countries across the globe like Paris, Virginia Beach, Los Angles, Utah, California, and Washington. Touring different places and meeting new people have generously enlarged Ben’s social circle in the showbiz industry. Other than that, Ben also loves to try the finest cuisines from all around the world like Twinkie wiener sandwich, tasty tacos or maybe gluten-free sweet potato pie. Although Ben is a diet conscious actor who keeps his diet on track with his nutritionist’s advice, Ben also happens to be a man with the peculiar and finest taste in food.

Other hidden talents of Ben Buehler are a result of his deep love for literature, philosophy, photography, and art. Ben also firmly believes in the service for humanity and is currently associated with the international humanitarian organization; ‘Save The Children’ and another non-profit organization; ‘Hoogle Zoo’ which works for the welfare of endangered wildlife across the world. Ben’s appreciation for art and humanity and insight into beauty developed his warm and astonishing personality which grabs the hearts of his fanbase when exhibited on screen.

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