Bella Renee (@bellareneemusic)

Bella Renee (@bellareneemusic)

As the music industry is growing, we keep coming across new talented artists. One of the new talents in the industry is Bella Renee, an Indie electronic pop/EDM vocalist/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer.

Bella Renee started her career around 2018 – 2019 but has always had the talent in her. Starting from five years of age Bella started performing. Her very first performance was at an elementary school in Tucson, where she sang the national anthem at the talent show.

Her inspiration for music came from her dad, who was a lead singer in a rock band. At the age of 12, Renee received her first musical instrument- a piano. She taught herself how to play and performed in local pageants, talent shows, gigs, and at the local radio station.

Born and raised in Arizona, Renee moved to Boston in 2016 after graduating from high school to study at Berklee College of Music. However, after a year she had to leave behind the talent and opportunities she was surrounded with to move back home due to personal family issues.

Later, Renee moved to Phoenix where her actual music career begun. She performed at her very first music festival Mesa Music Festival for two consecutive years 2018 and 2019.

Unlike many Renee wasn’t handed down her career. She made her way up through working two different jobs to pay her bills. In 2019, she met her producer Halen Bouhadana and her manager, Jason Euler. With the help of the two Bella polished her skills and started focusing on her career.

In 2020, Bella Renee made her debut through “New Normal” a collaboration with the EDM DJ tyDi. The song has more than 100,000 streams. Renee and tyDi expressed their feelings and sentiments in the music track towards the global pandemic COVID-19 and how it has affected them mentally and physically. The song served as a message to everyone that they are not alone in their feeling of isolation.

Bella Renee released her first official solo single “Call Me Back” a Halen Bouhadana production in January 2021. The song starts with eccentric electronic soundscapes which are followed by Bella’s elegant voice. You can also listen to an acoustic version of the song on her Instagram @bellareneemusic.

In the song, she describes her relationship which went wrong in the song and how a promise once made did not last. Bella says the lyrics are a sassy way of saying ‘I am over you’.

In March 2021, Renee dropped another solo song “Over It”. The track talks about a time in her life where she was overwhelmed by a toxic relationship. She believes many of us go through this situation and wanted to help her listeners heal.

Bella Renee continues to make her way into the industry. The classic pianist turned to an electronic producer Mitis drops his second album Lost. She recently featured in one of the 12 tracks from the album “Back To Me”, which reached more than 10k views on YouTube.

“Nostalgic” by Ekonovah is another track Bella featured in. The artist plans on doing more collaboration with EDM DJs like Illennium and Gryffin. So, make sure you follow her on her Instagram @bellareneemusic to stay updated.

Besides producing original songs Bella also does covers of several other artists. You can head over to her Instagram or YouTube to listen to her melodious voice. Some of the covers you can find are Pasion fruit by Drake, Sign of the time by Harry Styles, House of the rising sun by Billie Eilish, and Gale Song by The Lumineers.

You can also follow Bella on her TikTok @bellareneemusic to Listen to more of her covers.

Bella Renna is about to release a new single very soon so make sure you follow her on Instagram – @bellareneemusic, Facebook – Bella Renee, Spotify – Bella Renee, and YouTube- Bella Renee and to connect to her you can contact at [email protected].