Beier Beats (@beierbeats)

Beier Beats (@beierbeats)

Music has been one of the things that we humans have evolved with and has been there since the early years of humanity. The human mind seeks something to sync to in search of experiencing a synchronous euphoria and this leads to the creation of more and more music. Starting in the form of a single tone or sound, music has now evolved into this great world of sounds that consists of unmeasurable variations and unique creations. This makes music a form of art, one that has been polished for thousands of years and is still being explored to great extents and great creativity with no sight of stopping any time soon.

Having such a long timeline of growth, music has formed many different types in itself and these are referred to as genres and taking the market by storm, these have even individually, scooped up a great market for themselves each, forming an industry worth millions even for a single genre and billions as a whole industry. This huge industry is sought after all over the world and inspires many to be a part of it in both production and consumption. There are thousands of music artists out there waiting for their talent to be recognized and an exponential amount of consumers looking forward to the next big name in the industry just to get their hands on that one person that touches their souls with music as music holds the power to touch peoples hearts and a good music artist can stimulate your heart on their fingertips with their very own music.

Like many other talented artists in the world, Beier Beats is a force to be reckoned with. Andre Beier, under the name Beier Beats is someone that has made his name in music and continues to grow every day as his music reaches new ears and spreads his talent across the world. Having a great love for music and the passion to make himself a name in music, he set out on his journey of music at a very young age. Though unnoticed by the crowd, he kept singing and producing music by himself to no end and this greatly prepared him for the great opportunities to come his way. Greatly Inspired and highly motivated with his eyes set on his goals, he kept singing and producing long before he could finally get to his first recordings.

Beier Beats, though, currently producing EDM Music, wasn’t always producing EDM but rather, with his limited knowledge at the time, limited himself to singing his favorite RnB songs. Not long after, as he dived deeper into it, he built his Music studio where he taught himself how to use the different various Music programs and polishing his skills on them to create better and better music as the days passed.

Despite starting from RnB and Hip Hop, his love for EDM grew immensely as the years passed and this love for EDM made it clear for him, what he needed to pursue and continues to follow to this very day. It took him quite a while to know what he loved to do, but he made sure that he stuck to none less than what he loved to do.

Today, we see him doing amazing with thousands of people waiting for him to release his new song impatiently and some like @_dark_dancer even showing their art with his music by dancing to it.

His journey does not stop there, Beier Beats has bright plans for his future and continues to produce music and release it for the world to enjoy and join him in his adventure and he has plans for various productions for himself which includes Songwriting and Producing for not only himself but other Artists as well.

Beier Beats can be followed on Instagram @beierbeats where he posts about his lifestyle and progress including some mini clips and features of his upcoming songs, his songs can be found on Spotify at  and he can be reached out on his email: [email protected].