Bedtimereddit is an entertainment channel hosted by Kobe Kinlock. Kobe has started this channel on Instagram on his page called bedtimereddit where he posts bedtime horror stories from the Reddit platform for his followers to enjoy. To this day, Kobe has garnered over 42.7k followers on this account and the number keeps increasing every day.

Before talking about the channel, let’s take a look at what Reddit is and why do people love Reddit. Reddit is a discussion forum, to put it very simply. However, this forum is vast and so extensive that you can find discussions here about anything at all. From creepy things to motivational anecdotes, you will find everything that you could think of. There exist communities within Reddit and each community discusses a certain topic or niche. The community is solely dedicated to that topic while making posts or comments on the discussions and each community or group is called a “subreddit”. Subreddits are dedicated to a single, very specific topic and people can find heaps of useful information on many topics through these subreddits.

Reddit is more than just a discussion forum. It is also a social news platform where users and readers can vote and comment on the discussion and information provided by the poster. A lot of people find Reddit entertaining due to the number of entertaining subreddits present on the system. You can look for jokes, riddles, stories, and anecdotes that will entertain you and make you happy.

This is exactly what Kobe does on his Instagram page. He finds creepy-story threads from around Reddit and posts them for his followers and readers to read. These threads are a lot of fun to read, especially given that they talk about mysterious, supernatural, and eerie things that normal people do not get to encounter.

Besides posting other people’s threads and posts on his Instagram account, Kobe also regularly posts to Reddit and gives his followers and online readers something fun to read too. Kobe’s aim with his Instagram account is to post the scariest stories he can find so that his readers, who love reading bedtime horror stories, have great content to read before they go to bed.

Kobe also periodically does polls on his Instagram account to keep his followers and readers engaged and to give them something peculiar to think about. Most of these polls are weird questions that will make you stop for a while and really think about your answer. This is what makes them fun and this is why Kobe puts them up on his account.

The page bedtimereddit currently has around 87 posts, which is surprising given the number of followers that the page has acquired. It is definitely a great achievement that Kobe’s page has managed to garner over 40k followers without even making 100 posts. This simply goes on to tell us about the potential that lies in Reddit content and how much people love reading it.

Different online communities and groups around the world are centered on subreddits regarding many different topics and niches. These communities aren’t just a great way of sharing content from another platform but also help market and promote Reddit for people to interact with the platform on their own.

Kobe’s idea of introducing a page dedicated to Reddit threads isn’t the first one, but it is one of the most successful pages running at the moment. He has more potential to grow with more posts down the road. And he wouldn’t have to worry about the content because Reddit is overflowing with content. To read these spine-chilling, heart-stopping stories from around the world, make sure to follow Kobe on his page @bedtimereddit.