Bear (@bearbigpawlonngboi)

A dog is the only thing in this world that cares for you more than he does for himself. Dogs are known as man’s best friends; their adorable faces and happy-to-go nature make the pleasure happy. Meet Bear- a corgi/ German shepherd, loyalty, courage, and stubborn nature are prominent attributes that make him different from others. Commonly, he is known as Corman Shepherd- a mixed breed dog between a corgi and German shepherd. Bear is on TikTok with a username (@bearbigpawlonngboi), this cute pup has gained 124.2k followers, and 2.8M likes on TikTok. It shows how much people adore him and his activities. If this dog sounds interesting, continue reading and follow Bear on Tiktok.

Bear is a mixed breed dog between a Corgi and German Shepherd. These pups are fantastic family pets, and they can live in small areas like apartments. However, they need the active owner to have fun activities. They can guard, but they may get a little aggressive with strangers until they are adequately trained. These incredible pups have high energy doses; you should ensure they have a good 1 hour to 2 hours walk in a day. It would be best to be extra active to match his energy levels. Corgi German Shepherd will be the right choice if you are looking for someone that could alert you whenever anyone knocks on your door. Follow Bear and see his unique activities.

They are available in various colors ranging from deep brown to tanned hues. The Bear had a blackish-brown color, and it looked super cute. His undercoats are dense, and his outer coats are weather-resistant, making him adapt to any change. He has a thick layer of fur at his back neck, and these breeds shed seasonally. If you want to know more about Corgi German Shepherd, follow Bear’s TikTok account.

If you have Corgi German Shepherd, you might know how your dog is more intelligent than you; yes, this is one of the prominent characteristics of this dog. He explores everything with his nose. These pups are known for their high intelligence and how quickly they learn new behavior. They are easygoing when working with them; this breed excels in many activities and is considered an obedient competitor. The owner needs to provide mentally stimulating toys and brain games challenges to him. Bear makes duet videos on TikTok, and he is a food lover and always enjoys fun activities. Don’t you think it sounds fascinating? If yes, Follow Bear on TikTok.

Life is better when you dance, Bear loves dancing, and they can make the other person dance. When he is around, everyone feels a lively and pleasant atmosphere. Bear’s strong character and fearless attitude make him different from other pets. He can assess situations quickly and react to them. You can never find anyone better than him when it comes to loyalty. Other breeds take a long time to adjust to children; Corgi German Sphered is fond of spending time and having fun with kids. Baer is extra possessive; he does not like sharing his space with anyone and gets jealous, especially cats. If you have more than one pet, ensure you give lavish attention to Corgi’s German Shepherd so that he does not feel left out. Even when you take him for a walk, make sure you don’t let him off the lead and run freely in the park; it will make him jealous and feel alone when he knows other animals are getting attention. If it sounds interesting to you, Follow this fantastic pup on TikTok.