Baz Porter (baz__porter)

Baz Porter (baz__porter)

Baz Porter is a notable trauma specialist who aims on creating an environment that helps people overcome the challenges in their life. He is regarded as a motivational speaker and is a trusted mentor for many people suffering from mental illnesses. He also is a brilliant Thought Leader, Author, and Life Coach who is focused on providing a platform for people who are confused and troubled with their life and want change. He resides in California, United States, and has traveled all over the world. Thus, his vast experience and expertise have brought him great fame because of his work for humanity. His work is known to assist veterans through their Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and help them achieve stability in their lives. Baz also is the founder of a company that offers multiple forms of programs, events, and appointments with specialists who can guide mental obstacles.

Baz identifies as an empath and possess a special unique gift of great intuition. This skill has led him to help others in need, and truly make them see the light in their dark world. Baz is a veteran himself, as he enrolled in the British army in his early days.  His experiences of being in the army, and getting PTSD allows him to gain a proper perspective over the disorders he supervises people. As a Thought Leader and Life Coach, Baz considers his struggle into finding his purpose as the guiding tool for others. He understands others and conducts his sessions with great affection and empathy for his clients. This is the main reason people resort to Baz when they find difficulty in living, or feel astray in life. He is the ideal counselor who makes his clients improve themselves and find an atmosphere that encourages their progress.

As soon as Baz learned that he could help others with his abilities, he started giving advice and counselling sessions on Facebook. Now, he stands as one of the most renowned speakers in the world, who try their very best to help others in any way possible. The key is to help people break free from their limitations in life, and discover an aspect in their life that nurtures them physically and mentally. Everyone comes across severe adversities in their lives, and fight different forms of beasts on daily basis. The solution is to find a path and method that allows the person to find the good in their life and change it around for the better. It is a struggle to completely change the structure of one’s own life, thus for many having a coach and mentor like Baz eases the process to recovery.

Baz published the launch of an innovative transforming mentorship plan for those seeking to obtain transparency and self-awareness. The Triumph program aids in developing the person and enchase their spiritual side to the soul, to make them see what more life has to offer. Spiritual Thought leaders are spiritual coaches devoted and engaged to increase the communication of respect, love, and devoutness. Baz’s mission is to cultivate self-empowerment and raise mental health awareness at an international level.  Baz also has released a book named ‘Using Trauma to Thrive’ that educates people on how to operate and overcome themselves during the journey of adversity.

Baz is famous on all his social media platforms as his work attains many interested followers wanting guidance and sustenance. His Instagram has approximately 70 thousand followers that rise drastically on daily basis. His Facebook page also pertains to more than 40 thousand followers! Instagram is the main place to follow for updates, news of launches, and sessions in the future. Baz also has an official website containing the details of all his work and the timings and announcements of his new programs. He is a humble man and only looks forward to helping others find themselves, as he did himself on his journey towards finding fulfilment in life. His Instagram username is ‘baz__porter’, and his website is listed down below.