Bath Box

Bath Box

It takes immense amounts of hardwork and perseverance to start an entire business from scratch without compromising on its quality. This is a big reason why not many businesses workout as it is way more difficult to run a company than it looks. However, there are people who, through their diligence and self-belief, make it seem like a piece of cake, and one of those are the owners of Bath Box.

Bath Box is one of the most renowned online retailers which is based in Melbourne, VIC. As the name suggests, they help their fellow Australian customers bring a luxurious experience of taking a bath to the comfort of their houses. Since we take baths almost once a day, it really affects our skin and its moisture. Therefore, there has been a recent introduction of elements such as bath bombs, salt, and soaks, which add softeners and emollients to our bath’s water that moisturizes and indulges our skin. Keeping all these new phenomena in mind, the Bath Box introduced its products which are not only cruelty free but also vegan friendly.

It was the year 2017 when Bath Box came to being through a little hope within the founders to create an impact amongst the community they live in. And what could be a better way to do it than involving something they have personally experienced as well. As one of the founders, Hannah Smith, shares how in her teenage life, she struggled with acne and oily skin, which really tarnished her confidence. Thus, she spent countless sleepless nights researching and testing organic remedies on herself in order to find a solution for it. It was then she finally stumbled upon a formula that worked like magic. Rather than keeping it to herself, she made the decision to share it with the rest who suffer through similar problems by releasing their first-ever products, Get out of here, charred face and morning break.

Soon after Bath Box’s products were released, its name spread like wildfire amongst the country, which extremely helped them to expand and branching out more. This is why now they have everything one needs while taking a shower, from bath bombs to a bath bubble. Not only that, they really want their customers to have a spa or hotel-like experience at home; therefore, they have products like pillows, luxurious caddies, and bath dust all available just one click away.

One of their biggest motos is that each and every customer is their friend. They know how finding solutions to skin issues is not a fifteen-minute fix rather a journey; therefore, they make sure to understand their customer’s problems and needs the most. This quality is what sets them apart from the rest, making them one of the most loved brands amongst the locals.

Their Instagram, @bathbox, is a place where they are most active. It is a platform where their customers can keep themselves updated, whether it is about new products, sales, or reviews. At Bath Box’s Instagram, to keep the hype up, they occasionally do giveaways, some worth more than ten thousand dollars, proving how they genuinely care about their followers. Also, in order to keep providing new content, they do asmr to soothe their audiences. Just like they promised that they want to build a community, Bath Box calls their customers Bath Babes to further strengthen the sense of sisterhood. All these qualities are the reason why they have almost fifty thousand followers, and this number keeps on increasing every minute.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” is a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, which founders of Box Bath have breathed into existence. They dreamed of creating an impact and helping others. And now through their groundbreaking ideas and sheer hard work, perseverance and resilience, they have been able to transform that thoughtful little dream into their reality.