Ava Connolly

Ava Connolly

For a lot of people, knowing what you want to do ahead in lie and figuring out what your passion is from your early years or when you’re under 5 years old is a very enriching experience. For a lot of athletes, like gymnasts, swimmers, and any athletes really, they mostly find that their expertise in their fields come from their involvement with their respective sport from extremely early ages like 2 and 3 years old. Why this early involvement helps is that they are able to develop a sense for the setting and a competitive environment fairly early on that helps them root themselves in an otherwise stressful career for kids or youngsters. On top of the getting used to the scrutiny and competitive nature of their careers, they allow for constant growth, learning, and a means to stay with the minute when it comes to any developments.

One such career path is acting. A lot of big-name celebrities like Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, even Demi Lovato all started out as child actresses that allowed for them to streamline into acting and the small and big screens given the exposure and experience that they are already able to gather from their ample time into all levels of acting from early years. Rather than acting classes and lessons, they are able to ditch school plays and camps to learn directly within the field and from other actors around them. The professional environment under which they learn allows from a more personal and engaged approach to learning.

One young actress who was lucky enough to learn and grow under these circumstances which solidified her foundation in the industry, giving her a head start more advantageous than any other is Ava Connolly. An early bloomer in the world of acting, Ava was born on the 13th of December, 2009, in Huntsville, Alabama. True to her passion that flowered at the age of 5 with her insistence on wanting to act, Ava’s talent did not allow her to stick to theater training and instead, she wished to pursue on camera acting.  With a little nudge into the world of on camera acting, she started taking on small roles and acting classes to fuel her talent.

Although she stands at an adorable 4 feet and 5 inches, her talent and expertise in front of the lens is almost ten-fold of that, considering her burning passion for acting and dedication got her a role in a feature film fairly early on into her career. Already represented by two agencies, Paradigm Talent and GTK PR Talent, Ava’s exposure is plentiful as her presence in the talent world grows. While her career only began 6 years ago, Ava’s list of credited roles is nothing to scoff at. Her official profile on IMDB confirms roles in Voices (2020), Ragged Heart, Rattled (2020), Unnerving (2020), The Cultists (2020), Zero (2018), Rings (2018), and All Creatures Big And Small (2015).

Ava is active on her Instagram account with the handle @Ava_Connolly_1, where she shares snippets of projects, photoshoots, but also behind the scenes of her life as an ordinary 11-year-old when she isn’t working on a role, learning a script, or getting up early in the morning for some last-minute improv and practice before an audition. Her charming personality shines a light on her hardworking nature and her dedication to the arts, and is perhaps another reason besides her talent that has allowed her to have an audience of over 19,000 followers!

Like most, Ava is an avid reader which opened her eyes to the world of writing. She likes writing stories in her free time or whenever she feels a burst of creativity. In her bio, she wittily says she likes to “play pretend”, which most would think is an understatement to her talent if she’s referring to her acting career as that, but it’s a fun interpretation of it by a youngster. Ava has continued to work on getting more projects and roles under her belt, but she truly is an inspiration to young aspiring actors and is proof that you’re never too young, naïve, or inexperienced to start somewhere.