Autumn Kim

Autumn Kim

Some changes in lifestyle demand a level of commitment and consistency that are not for the faint of heart. Such changes umbrella things like dietary changes, weight loss journeys and health journeys that entail a rigorous, strict lifestyle. Why this could prove for people is that such lifestyles require infinite dedication to sticking to your plan, not getting tempted by things that oppose your lifestyle, and the zeal to keep going forward in attempt to reach your goals, and not getting hindered due to slow results and infrequent visible changes. It is for the aforementioned reasons that individuals who devote their lifestyles to staying in shape, maintaining peak physical health deserve a lot more respect than is credited to them. In a world full of greasy, deep-fried goodness and mouth-watering, sugar-filled deserts, having to look past the delicacies on the shelves and passing straight to the vegetables and “healthy” isle must be hard. For Autumn Kim, not so much.

Choosing to be balanced and disciplined instead of going towards the deprivation route, Autumn, who also goes by Auttie, never had to abandon the sweetness that life has to offer to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Nope, this lifestyle influencer chose to lead an ideal lifestyle without sacrificing any of the indulgences and share with others how she does that. Running a lifestyle, fashion, and beauty blog on Instagram (@auttieeunzipped), Kim’s profile is the place to be if you’re looking for inspiration for working out, travel, aesthetic, beauty, or even fashion.

Kim is a jack-of-all-trades and certainly not a master of none, as her profile is evidence of how much she can flawlessly juggle without getting overwhelmed or intimidated. While primarily Kim is a fitness freak with a body to envy, she is also always dressed to the nines, somehow always munching on a healthy snack or meal that is bound to leave you salivating. One look at Kim’s blog is enough to know that she does not take her fitness lightly; her toned body that seems as if it was proportioned by the gods testifies to that.

Although her bio on her Instagram says that she is based in Toronto and Los Angeles, you will not find her staying in one place as Kim loves to travel as much as she loves her athleisure wear. On her trips to exotic locations with a view that could make anyone jealous, Kim chooses to substitute her regular yoga pants and sports bras for monochromatic bikinis or outfits, fitting to her travel destinations. It is quite evident that she loves black a tad bit over other colors, as it does flood her feed and makes exponentially more appearances than any other.

Aside from fitness and travel, Kim loves skincare, photography, and shopping. Her Instagram blog is a testament to her unmatched aesthetic sense, and she has managed to maintain a theme since the beginning of her profile. She maintains a pattern when posting, where every picture of her is followed by one or two pictures to match the mood or aesthetic of the previous one. Proving that she is as dedicated to her blog as she is to her fit lifestyle, Kim has managed to amass a massive following of 301,000 followers!

It comes as no surprise to anyone that there are that many people who support her and are inspired by her, as her profile and entire personality preaches that one should look after themselves, their interests, and their happiness before anything else, and that one’s treasure and priority is their own self.

Kim brims with confidence and self-love, which shows in the way she carries herself and maintains her social media presence. With her engaging personality, it is extremely difficult to be able to resist her charm. If you are as enamored by her dedication to her fit lifestyle, aesthetic sense, and her mission to spread self-love and confidence, make sure you follow her on her Instagram @auttieeunzipped.