Ashtyn Michael (@ashtyn519)

Ashtyn Michael (@ashtyn519)

“Music can change the world because it can change people” – Bono

Music is the one thing that unites all individuals on this planet. It is beloved by people no matter where they are in their life or what they are doing, you blast the music through the speakers on a long trip with your friends, turn it down while you’re alone in your room listening to gloomy melodies, and dance to the beat of the music when nobody is looking.

Music may aid people when they fail to express their feelings in words; it can speak for you whether you are experiencing rage, despair, or euphoria. Music wasn’t always as easy to find as it is now; everything is there at our fingertips with a simple Google search. Even if music to your taste is simple to obtain in the twenty-first century, you’d think it wouldn’t be much of a headache, but that’s where we’re mistaken; it’s just as complicated. How can we know what to listen to if we have music at our disposal 24 hours a day, seven days a week? How do we make our decision?

Everyone has varied musical tastes; some prefer jazz, others prefer rock, some love blue tones, and some favor gospels; the gospel is a type of Christian music. Until the early twentieth century, gospel songs were typically solemn in tone, but as time passed, they began to change and lost some of their austerity. People nowadays listen to gospels for aesthetic pleasure, religion, and serenity. Gospels are often composed of folks who have a deep devotion to God. These songwriters employ their connection and love for God in their songs, never losing sight of their inspiration or relationship with the Almighty. Such people like sunsets and starry skies, but they don’t need moonless evenings and beach trips to be inspired or motivated. Rather, such a person listens to their heart, which is full of love for God and feelings wanting to be expressed; this is what drives them to scribble out their ideas, which subsequently become a musical masterpiece. Ashtyn is one of those artists, adding to the list of artists who were just born with potential. Back in the beginning, Ashtyn wasn’t always a Christian; in fact, no one in his family was. His only encounters with God were occasional church trips; he did not have a connection with the Almighty until much later.

He played in churches for months without any deeper understanding or connection until it struck on him one day that this is more than simply music; this is a relationship with the Superior. When Ashtyn first penned a song, he was attempting to cope with the death of a loved one via music; it was his method of coping with sadness. Ashtyn came to Christianity mostly via music. His debut single, “No Other Name,” was released in 2017, and it currently has over 21k views on YouTube. His second single, “Beyond the Shore,” was released in 2018.

Ashtyn Michael quickly grew a fan base; his songs are well-liked by people, as seen by his number of monthly Spotify listeners; he has over 16,000 listeners that respect and appreciates his work. “God Alone” is his most popular song on Spotify, with over 62,000 followers. Michael is also the originator of the WHN Conference and Revival Nights, as well as the director of the “Heaven Culture Music” organization. It is an organization whose mission is to inspire a new generation of creative individuals to make a difference by following Christ’s example. Ashtyn feels that one of the primary reasons our society is in such disarray is due to culture, and it is this that he seeks to alter via God and worship.

Ashtyn’s music is available all over the internet, on platforms like Spotify, Instagram, and YouTube.