Ashley Curtis (@agelessashley)

Ashley Curtis (@agelessashley)

Being an aesthetician can be a very rewarding experience and profession. Primary, the job of an aesthetician is to make people look the best version of themselves and as a result feel more confident, refreshed, and healthy in their own skin. This field has changed drastically over the past few years. There are constantly being made new skincare advancement techniques to achieve the best possible results. As every person’s skin is different, being an aesthetician can be an exciting job as well.

Ashley Curtis is a skincare expert, aesthetician, and wellness and nutrition expert with experience of 14 years. She started off her journey by teaching herself many skin care techniques. After completing her bachelor’s in biochemistry, she took it upon herself to follow her passion for skincare instead of enrolling in a Medical College. For a few years, she became an apprentice of well-reputed dermatologists and plastic surgeons to learn more and more about the complexities of the human skin. She was truly passionate about her craft and it was only after extensive research and practice that she started her own business to become a successful aesthetician.

Ashley is a believer in the term “practice makes passion”. Her business ethics and moral values reflect deeply in her work. She is a dedicated expert, this means that she works not only for her benefit or for the money. But she is genuinely happy with making people feel like the best versions of themselves. A person’s skin is the first outlook into their personality. Ashley makes sure her clients are always looking fresh, healthy, and impressive.

Ashley owns business Facial and Skincare Business. She has multiple services that she offers and performs herself. Some of the amazing and life-changing facials that she offers ate Hydra Facials, Oxygenated Mask Banding, Ageless Facials, Acne Treatments, and a wide variety of masks and at-home treatment. She has developed her own skincare line in collaboration with Is Clinicals. Her products are known to give flawless and definitive results. One of her most famous product-kits is the limited-edition Essentials Experience Kit that has sold out in 48 hours of launching. It includes various serums, cleansing products, and eye treatments in sample forms so people can do trials of these products before investing their money into the full-sized products. Her products have always received stellar reviews owing to their amazing results.

If you talk to her clients, they are extremely satisfied with the services she provides. The results speak for themselves. Ashley has successfully made people’s acne completely disappear through carefully customized sessions and treatments that have no side effects and leave the skin looking smooth and beautiful. Her therapeutic ageless facials are a big hit. One of the facials that people seek out when they visit Ashley is the DMK oxygenated muscle banding. This is a facial including an oxygenated enzyme treatment that helps contour and strengthens the muscles of the face and neck. This treatment helps with not only skin lifting and firming, but also helps with muscle banding due to its advanced technology.

Her workplace is the epitome of cleanliness and professionalism. She takes hygiene very seriously and sterilizes all her non-disposable equipment regularly. She uses masks, gloves, and sanitisers to ensure a healthy and hygienic environment during procedures. Her manual procedures like skin extractions are always performed under strictly hygienic and client-friendly conditions.

When asked about her career aspirations, Ashley describes that she wants to remain a “forever student”. She wants to constantly learn new things related to her career. Before she became an aesthetician, her primary goal was to be a student and researcher. And now, in her thirties, she has a stable facial business, a stable coaching business, and a budding career as an Educator. She has never settled for anything small and is always focused on becoming the best and trying new things.