Asad Ali (asadaliflnttm)

Asad Ali (asadaliflnttm)

The industry that has nurtured the most amount of millionaires and success stories is that of the direct selling industry with its worth being more than $170 million. With all the glitz and glamour and the attractiveness of the industry, no one can go without there having ups and downs and this industry is no stranger to that. The direct selling industry, although changing lives for the better, has had its fair share of bumpy roads with many companies developing and disappearing within a short period of time.

The pandemic of 2020 that shook the entirety of the world wavering the economic aspects of country, this industry stood its ground better than other industries but knowing the turmoil of the world, what could there be done to improve? In the midst of the pandemic, three young entrepreneurs with over twenty years of experience started their own company named as NeXarise – a direct selling company that uses innovation and strategies to produce new ideas and methods making a mark in the already proven industry for the upcoming decades. One of those founders was the name of Asad Ali.

Asad Ali is the founder and chairman of NeXarise, where he uses his unique methods and strategies of providing innovative solutions. He has helped NeXarise to transform into the company it is today with his expertise in business strategy and dynamic leadership skills. Within the time frame of just one year, NeXarise transformed beautifully with their revenues exceeding to multiple millions of dollars. This led to the company forming various small companies including those of a mobile phone company, an e-learning company, an identity protection company, an insurance introducer company, a travel benefits company, and a digital marketing company. Because of the dynamic leadership of Asad Ali, they even successfully partnered with a few renowned brands and also attracted thousands of independent individual sellers to join them to follow in an exemplary vision and mission.

Before the inception of NeXarise, Asad Ali came to the United Kingdom to pursue his masters from the Cardiff Metropolitan University where he got a distinction in Business Administration. He studied business and accounts and soon he started working with a renowned fashion outlet to run their accounts. This pushed him then to work for the largest logistics companies in Europe as the head of operations. He slowly started gaining interest in the field of direct selling and realized his vast potential in the field. He slowly started grasping its skills and techniques and with his strong work ethics and leadership abilities, he broke all the records and became the youngest individual to achieve the highest rank in just a period of two years. This created a sense of accomplishment within him and therefore he decided to teach other people to earn a livelihood with the skills of direct selling.

Asad Ali proved to be one of the greatest master trainers who is globally recognized by building a company that has spanned to over the areas of twenty plus countries which gave him the title of highest achieving earners in the direct selling industry in the United Kingdom. After extensive research, Asad realized that there is a huge gap that needs to be filled within the direct selling industry and that he could use this opportunity to combine direct selling companies. He then partnered up with two other individuals namely Ahmed Mukhtar and Liju Thomas and built NeXarise. Asad wanted to create history within the industry and that is what happened. NeXarise is one of the leading companies in the UK and is recognized throughout the globe.

Apart from being a successful Chairman of NeXarise, Asad Ali loves public speaking and enjoys motivating people to be the best version of themselves. He is not only a businessman but also a mentor to various people who are interested in becoming the best that they can be. He also enjoys fitness and loves travelling far and wide to enjoy the beauty of the world.